Of course, Tim and Vivo knew about espionage, but they didn’t alert Anatel

Of course, Tim and Vivo knew about espionage, but they didn’t alert Anatel
Of course, Tim and Vivo knew about espionage, but they didn’t alert Anatel

The telephone operators Claro, Tim and Vivo were aware that their respective systems were being invaded by the FirstMile spy software, as part of the illegal “parallel Abin” monitoring scheme, however, they did not notify the National Telecommunications Agency (Anatel).

In these cases, the transfer is mandatory in accordance with sector standards. Failure to report may result in administrative punishment. The information was released by the newspaper Folha de S. Paulo, this Wednesday (31/1).

Anatel reported “having initiated three administrative proceedings based on the facts reported in the press on March 14, 2023, regarding the possible monitoring of citizens through spy software, on the networks of mobile phone companies.”

“Such procedures prioritized, at the beginning, clarifying whether there was knowledge and collaboration of the providers with the Brazilian Intelligence Agency (Abin), and investigating any failures that could allow such undue access”, he explained.

According to Anatel, “the providers reported having no prior knowledge or communication with Abin in relation to the reported facts. They also reported having implemented blocking solutions regarding possible improper access through international interconnection protocols. Furthermore, they reported having carried out tests to confirm the sufficiency of the solution.”


Anatel also “investigates whether the providers noticed any attempts to improperly access information at the time they occurred, and whether they should have notified the Agency, or whether they only became aware of it later, through press reports.”

Finally, the agency asked the Federal Police for “information that could contribute to the continuity of the investigations.”

O Metropolises contacted the three operators and is awaiting their response. In a note, Vivo informed that “it invests on a recurring basis, in accordance with current legislation, in various security and fraud prevention technologies to protect its customers”.

On the other hand, Tim said he “will not comment”.

The space remains open for future demonstrations.

The “parallel Abin”

According to investigations by the Federal Police (PF), a criminal organization infiltrated the Brazilian Intelligence Agency (Abin) to spy on opponents of the Bolsonaro clan. This illegal espionage scheme, without judicial approval, took place against authorities, journalists and lawyers during the government of former president Jair Bolsonaro (PL), between 2019 and 2022.

Among the authorities monitored by the FirstMile spy software were: STF ministers Gilmar Mendes and Alexandre de Moraes, the former president of the Chamber of Deputies Rodrigo Maia and the former governor of Ceará Camilo Santana, now Minister of Education.

In recent days, the PF has targeted councilor Carlos Bolsonaro (Republicanos-RJ) and federal deputy Alexandre Ramagem (PL-RJ).

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