Tabata says she wants to be mayor for 8 years, rejects polarization and reinforces her defense for Datena as vice president

Tabata says she wants to be mayor for 8 years, rejects polarization and reinforces her defense for Datena as vice president
Tabata says she wants to be mayor for 8 years, rejects polarization and reinforces her defense for Datena as vice president

Following statements by President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva (PT) that indicate the intention to reproduce the polarization of the 2022 dispute in the race for Mayor of São Paulo in 2024, the federal deputy Tabata Amaral (PSB), pre-candidate for mayor, took a stand against this antagonism. In an interview with Chato com Editor, from Broadcast Político, Tabata pointed out that polarization does not solve the city’s problems, reaffirming the desire to have the presenter José Luiz Datena on her ticket and said that, if elected, she does not intend to use the position as a springboard, leaving her term in half. “I want to be mayor for eight years” she said. “São Paulo is too great for us to have a mayor for two or three years like we have had recently”, she reinforced.

Tabata also stated that he is “happy” with Lula’s gesture of not opposing his pre-candidacy in the capital of São Paulo. The deputy said, however, that “the fact is that nothing has changed in the last few days”. “I am on a very big mission to bring the best ideas, the best proposals, the greatest experts, but above all to present a pre-candidacy that can be a bridge between the periphery and the center,” she said. “I don’t think polarization is the best way for you to face next year’s dispute”, she reinforced.

Tabata Amaral stated that São Paulo is too big for a mayor to only want to stay in office for two or three years Photograph: Wilton Junior/Estadão

Highlighting problems that are the flagship of his campaign, such as public security and education, Tabata stated that the challenges presented will not be resolved when the dispute is limited to the polarization debate. “When we bring the logic of polarization to these very real and concrete problems, we lose,” she said.

One of the issues affected by this tension, he stated, is the issue of Cracolândia. “Let’s not polarize Cracolândia.” By declaring that the debate involves, in addition to public safety, health, Tabata defended the expansion of places in the public system to admit drug addicts

“My father was a drug addict and never got a place in the public health system. We lost my father at 39 years old to crack. This is a problem that is not just for Cracolândia, it is for Brazilian families,” he said.

The deputy repeated that, if elected, her project has the potential to unite both the federal and state governments. “If I am elected, I will govern by talking and counting on the support of both Governor Tarcísio and President Lula because I have been in dialogue with both of them since now.”

Alckmin has helped in articulations with the historic PSDB

About the participation of the vice president Geraldo Alckmin (PSB) in his campaign, Tabata recognized that the dual role of his supporter, who is also Minister of Development, Industry, Commerce and Services, could keep him away from his platforms. “If he weren’t the vice-president of the Republic, I would have him physically from Monday to Monday helping us here in São Paulo, but given who he is, we have restrictions,” he said. But he pointed out that, in addition to the platforms, Alckmin has helped with experts and with dialogue with a “historic PSDB”.

“What an honor to have the support of the Vice President of the Republic, who is helping us with experts in assembling the plate”, he highlighted.

Datena is the choice for vice, if he wants

Regarding Datena’s possible participation on the ticket, Tabata said that he patiently awaits the presenter’s decision, who has not yet given his opinion on the issue. “If he decides that it makes sense to be part of this project as vice-president, it will be very good for us. And, if he decides he wants to support us in another way, it will be very good for us too. I continue to wait for his position and with great tranquility.”

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