Amateur athlete dies after bicycle is hit by car on highway; video


An amateur athlete died this Thursday morning, the 1st, after her bicycle was hit by a passenger vehicle on a stretch of BR 316, at Km 260, in the city of Pilar, 42 kilometers from the capital of Alagoas.

The fatal accident was confirmed by the Federal Highway Police through its consultancy in Alagoas. However, there are no details about the dynamics and responsibilities must be established after the expert report.

Images received by the report from Alagoas 24 hours show the passenger vehicle in the vegetation and the young woman’s body on the side of the highway. An ambulance from the municipality of Pilar is also at the scene, but the victim is dead.

On social media, the young woman presents herself as passionate about outdoor activities, such as cycling, trakking, among others. The young woman’s identity will be preserved until her family is notified. Scientific Police and IML were called.


The Municipality of Pilar announces, with immense regret, the death of Carla Geovana, an athlete who was a member of pedal groups from Pilar, especially Pedal Rosa and Só Girando.

Carla was the victim of an accident on BR-316 (federal road), close to the entrance to the Waste Sorting Center (CTR), on a stretch known for its intense traffic of trucks and passenger vehicles at high speed.

This tragic event draws our attention to the importance of taking extra care in traffic, especially during the Carnival period, when traffic on the roads tends to increase significantly.

We express our deepest feelings to Carla Geovana’s family, friends and cycling companions. Her departure leaves a huge gap in our community, and her passion for cycling will certainly be remembered fondly by everyone who had the opportunity to know her.

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