Banana production grows 26% and price rises more than 20% in Acre



The Business Forum for Development and Innovation of Acre and the Foundation for Support and Development of Teaching, Research and University Extension of Acre (Fundape) prepared a study on banana production in Acre and other Brazilian states.

According to the data, in Acre, fruit production increased by 26.2% between 2010 and 2022. The research shows that in 2010 production was 65,623 kilos and increased to 82,836 kilos in 2022.

Regarding minimum prices, in 2014 the Acre producer charged R$29.63 for 20 kg of bananas. In 2023, the same quantity of bananas would cost R$38. However, the survey highlights that, for the producer, the value is still much lower than expected because a kilo of fruit cost R$1.48 in 2014 and R$ 1.90 last year.

The research also reveals that banana prices have risen by more than 20% in Acre in the last 12 months. According to the Economic Situation Bulletin, the producer paid R$31.59 at the beginning of 2023 and at the end of the year the price rose to R$38.

The survey also addresses data on the average yield of banana production in the municipalities of Acre between 2012 and 2022. The data shows that, in 2022, only the municipality of Mâncio Lima decreased yield from banana farming, with a percentage of 6.67% of variation, in relation to 2012. The other municipalities in Acre had an increase in average income, with emphasis on Rio Branco (25.40%), Plácido de Castro, Porto Acre and Tarauacá (25%) and Bujari (24.50%) .

“The performance of each municipality in this regard depends greatly on the variety cultivated, the alternatives used to combat pests and diseases, the soil’s capabilities in each region of the state, the age of the plants, the distances, logistics and transportation costs, the conditions environmental conditions, the cultivation practices and techniques applied and the adoption of a minimum price policy and government purchases”, says the research.

The quantity of bananas produced in the Northern Region between 1994 and 2022 was also evaluated. According to the study, the quantity of tons produced in the region increased during the analyzed period. The most prominent state was Amapá, followed by Roraima, Amazonas and Acre.

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