RJ’s state education network gains new schools and more teachers


New schools, 4,000 more teachers in the classroom, distribution of material kits and school uniforms, air conditioning in over 200 schools, expansion of technological resources such as digital whiteboards and more connectivity. The return from vacation next Monday (05) is full of news and improvements carried out by the State Department of Education in the network’s 1,233 units. In total, R$618 million is being invested in maintenance, infrastructure and furniture acquisition works.

Eight units will be delivered in 2024 in the municipalities of Niterói, Rio das Ostras, Petrópolis and Itaboraí and Rio de Janeiro, which will have new schools in the neighborhoods of Padre Miguel, Realengo, Campo Grande and Cidade de Deus. Among the improvements made during this holiday period are the purchase of air conditioning units and the installation of community centers.

Secretary of State for Education, Roberta Barreto and her technical team (Photo: Ellan Lustosa / Government of RJ)

Governor Cláudio Castro, who was a student at the state school, highlighted the importance of education as a tool for social change.

“At this time of going back to school, it is important to highlight the transformative power that education has for the future of our children. It is essential to have education as a pillar in our lives”, declared the governor.

This Tuesday (30), the official opening of this school year was held. Secretary Roberta Barreto presented the 2024 plan to 600 network managers, at the ceremony held at Escola Sesc, in Jacarepaguá, in the West Zone of Rio.

“We are responsible for making school the affective memory of young people so that they can be the protagonists of their life projects. So, in 2024, our path will be one of affection and acceptance”, stated the secretary.

Renewed commitment

In 2024, the State Government reinforces its commitment to valuing Education professionals. Temporary contracts for teachers were expanded. In 2024, there will be 4,000 new hires, while in 2023, 2,000 temporary positions were opened.

“We are committed to providing the best working conditions for our teachers, recognizing the fundamental importance they have in the training of our students. The appreciation of educators is essential for the success of the educational system”, stated secretary Roberta Barreto.

Still in the 2024 school year, the secretariat plans to implement specialized teams in schools and the idea is that they will be made up of caregivers, mediators, pedagogues, Libras interpreters, psychologists and social workers.

Professor Joilza Rangel, Undersecretary of Education Management, highlighted the importance of the meeting.

“We will work with school reinforcement and development of teaching and learning so that 2024 will be a much better year. We are together to make education happen”, said professor Joilza Rangel, Undersecretary of Education Management.

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