EBC professionals and vehicles are among the most awarded in the country


Journalists and media outlets Brazilian Communication Company (EBC) are listed in the Ranking of the +Premiados da Imprensa Brasileira 2023, released this week by Jornalistas Editora, which brings together the weekly newsletter Jornalistas&Cia and the Portal dos Jornalistas. The special edition of the publication contains a list of recognitions from the last year and the historical series, according to the organization’s criteria.

Journalist Marieta Cazarré, from TV Brasil, was in 5th position in the ranking +Awards of the Year in the Central-West Region 2023, with 35 points. Paula Laboissière, from Brazil Agencywas ranked 26th, with 15 points.

Among the media, the TV Brasil appears third in the Central-West with 35 points. In segmentation by platform, in the Television category, the TV Brasil came in 10th place.

Historic Serie

In the historical series, which involves the most recognized journalists in the Central-West, journalist Flavia Peixoto, from TV Brasil, is in 34th place, with 165 points. Other professionals at the house are highlighted in the list: Juliana Cézar Nunes, for National Radio, in 41st; André Rodrigo Pacheco, from TV Brasil, in 55th; Amanda Cieglinski, from TV Brasil It is EBC, in 59th place; and Ana Graziela Aguiar, from TV Brasilin 77th.

A TV Brasil occupies 3rd position in the regional ranking of vehicles in the Central-West, with 1675 points, the National Radio is in 4th place with 1040 points and the extinct EBC Portal is in 9th place, with 325 points. They are listed in the 36th, 52nd and 152nd rankings in the national compilation. In platform segmentation, the National Radio is in 7th place in the Radio category and TV Brasil is in 8th among television channels.

Within the scope of communication groups, the EBC is in 15th place nationally among the +History Awards, with 3280 points and 79 recognitions that consider the Brazil AgencyO EBC Portalto the EBC RadiosThe National Radio and the TV Brasilaccording to the data gathered in the survey parameters.

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