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Word Palhocense – Sergio-guimaraes-cobra-pavimentacao-da-sc-281


In 2023, a state deputy carried out inspections on a section that would be covered and received the green light from the State Government


With the promise of the government of Santa Catarina to pave the section of the state highway SC-281, in Angelina, in Greater Florianópolis, state deputy Sérgio Guimarães (União) has been monitoring the situation and demanding that the work be carried out.

According to the parliamentarian, last year, governor Jorginho Mello committed to the community. “The service order was signed by governor Jorginho Mello himself, at an event in the city, when he presented the Estrada Boa project”, highlights Guimarães.

The same highway, in the region of the Sertão do Maruim neighborhoods, in São José; Brejaru and Pedra Branca, in Palhoça, recently received new paving and had their access modified. The requests made by the deputy for an important section of SC-281, in the same location, will receive further improvements. Changes are planned to the existing interchange signage at the site and elevated lanes, which will provide greater safety for users.

Sérgio Guimarães once again demanded from the Secretariat and State of Infrastructure the progress of services. “The secretariat has already confirmed the execution of the rest of the services and indicated that the lighting is the responsibility of the City of São Jose”, he states.

In mid-2023, Sérgio Guimarães carried out inspections at the site, accompanied by councilors, municipal secretaries and the Secretary of State for Infrastructure. At the time, it was assured that the project to be implemented at the interchange that leads to CTG Os Praianos would receive improvements to reduce the risk of accidents and improve fluidity at the site.

The stretch has major problems, due to the crossing of vehicles, but also the intense flow and pedestrian crossing, which currently suffer from the lack of lanes and signage that provide greater safety when crossing the four lanes of the highway.

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Sérgio Guimarães demands paving of SC-281


Sérgio Guimarães demands paving of SC-281

Sérgio Guimarães demands paving of SC-281

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