Back to School: Tips for Resuming with Everything



Back to school is approaching for the approximately 200,000 students in the State Public Network. After a period of rest, the school calendar will begin on February 5th in more than 400 schools across the State. To ensure a smooth return, the Department of Education (Sedu) prepared adaptation tips to help students readapt to the school routine.

Returning to your study routine requires discipline and organization. During the holidays, it is common for sleep schedules to change, so it is important to get back into a regular sleep routine before classes start. Furthermore, writing down tasks and daily appointments can make organization easier, especially for students preparing for this year’s National High School Exam (Enem).

To ensure good academic performance, some tips are suggested, such as setting goals, having an agenda for daily tasks, creating a study corner at home and studying from the first day of returning to school.

Those interested in obtaining more information can contact Sedu’s Communications Department through the following contacts: Iris Carolina Miguez / Geiza Ardiçon by email at [email protected] or [email protected]. br, or by telephone (27) 3636-7705 / 3636-7706 / 3636-7707.

Source: ES Government

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