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With a focus on bringing knowledge, innovation and technology to rural entrepreneurs, farmers and professionals involved in the sector, Sebrae Tocantins is offering lectures on the world of agriculture for the 2nd Farm Day. The event, which is organized by Fazendão Agronegócios, will take place in 2nd and 3rd at Trindade farm, rural area of ​​Cariri, southern region of the state.

In the view of experts in the field, agriculture is facing notable transformations driven by technological innovation. The increasing use of artificial intelligence, drones and next-generation sensors, they say, is optimizing agricultural production, increasing efficiency and impacting the supply of food commodities.

Because it understands the importance of the debate around the subject, Sebrae will take the Commodities Market in 2024 lecture to the first day of Farm Day, given by market analyst, Fernando Muraro, the presentation. Also in the event’s lecture hall, the public will have the participation of investment specialist Pablo Spyer. On the occasion, he will speak about the main economic topics in Brazil and the world.

Rérison Antônio Castro, superintendent of Sebrae, highlights that entrepreneurs in the field need to adapt to the dynamic changes in the sector, driven by technological innovation. He also points out that environmental awareness is shaping decisions in the commodities market and for this reason, the growing demand for sustainable practices and the pressure to reduce carbon emissions are driving changes in the energy, agriculture and mining sectors. “Buyers and investors are increasingly interested in ecologically responsible supply chains, directly impacting the strategies of companies in the sector, which is why we are betting on debates about sustainable agriculture”, he concludes.

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