How much will Cruzeiro receive in the first phase of the Copa do Brasil? > On Attack

How much will Cruzeiro receive in the first phase of the Copa do Brasil? > On Attack
How much will Cruzeiro receive in the first phase of the Copa do Brasil? > On Attack
Cruzeiro will face Sousa, from Paraíba, in the 2024 Copa do Brasil
(photo: Gustavo Aleixo/Cruzeiro)

The biggest champion of the Copa do Brasil, with six titles, Cruzeiro will receive R$1.47 million for participating in the first phase in 2024. The opponent will be Sousa, from Paraíba, in a unique clash at the Marizão stadium.

Due to its higher position in the CBF club ranking, Raposa will have the advantage of playing for a draw.

If it advances to the second phase, in which it will face Petrolina-PE or Cascavel-PR, the celestial club will secure an additional R$1.785 million. If it goes to the third stage, it will add R$2.205 million – totaling around R$5.4 million in aggregate.

The Brazilian Football Confederation (CBF) readjusted the quotas for the Copa do Brasil by 5%. Thus, the amount paid exclusively for the title rose from R$70 million to R$73.5 million.

If the winner of the competition in 2024 is a Series A club that has been in the initial phase, the accumulated amount will exceed R$96 million.

Prizes for each phase of the Copa do Brasil 2024

  • First phase: Series A teams – R$1.47 million; Series B – R$1.312 million; other clubs – R$787.5 thousand
  • Second level: Series A teams – R$1.785 million; Series B – R$1.47 million; other clubs – R$945 thousand
  • Third phase: R$2.205 million
  • Round of 16: R$ 3.465 million
  • Quarterfinals: R$4.515 million
  • Semifinal: R$ 9.45 million
  • Runner-up: R$31.5 million
  • Champion: R$73.5 million

How much can Cruzeiro earn in aggregate values?

  • First phase: R$ 1.47 million
  • Second level: R$ 3.255 million
  • Third phase: R$5.46 million
  • Round of 16: R$ 8.925 million
  • Quarterfinals: R$ 13.44 million
  • Semifinal: R$ 22.89 million
  • Runner-up: R$54.39 million
  • Champion: R$ 96.39 million

Brazil Cup 2024

The 2024 Copa do Brasil will feature 92 clubs – 80 from the first phase and 12 from the third (champions of Series B, Copa Verde and Copa do Nordeste, in addition to the country’s representatives in the Copa Libertadores).

  • First phase – 80 clubs duel in a single match. The draw favors the visiting team;
  • Second level – 40 clubs face each other in a single game. In case of a draw, there will be a penalty shootout;
  • Third phase – 32 clubs – 20 from the second phase and 12 that enter directly into the third – face off in round-trip games (the same goes for the rest of the tournament);
  • Round of 16 – 16 clubs;
  • Quarterfinals – 8 clubs;
  • Semifinal – 4 clubs;
  • Final – 2 clubs.

Previous dates

  • First phase: February 21st or 28th;
  • Second phase: March 6th or 13th;
  • Third phase: May 1st or 22nd;
  • Round of 16: July 31st or August 7th;
  • Quarterfinals: August 28th or September 12th;
  • Semifinals: October 2nd or 17th;
  • Final: 3rd or 10th November.

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