February begins with a typical summer day in Santa Catarina


The first day of February, this Thursday (1st), should be typical of summer: sun and high temperatures for much of the day, with isolated showers and thunderstorms between the afternoon and evening. Temperatures can reach 36°C, especially in the West and Far West of Santa Catarina.

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The State Civil Defense forecast explains that this condition, of sun at the beginning of the day and storms at the end, occurs for two reasons: the first is the influence of a high pressure area, which keeps the weather steady for a good part of the day. of the day. Storms are a consequence of the heat and available humidity.

Even with rain, the risk is low to moderate for events associated with rain.

See what the temperatures are like in each region

  • Far West: 16.8°C/38°C
  • West: 14.2°C/35.9°C
  • Midwest: 12.5°C/33.8°C
  • South Plateau: 12.5°C/33°C
  • South Coast: 15.4°C/30.4°C
  • Itajaí Valley: 15.6°C/31.8°C
  • Greater Florianópolis Serrana: 15.1°C/28.7°C
  • Greater Florianópolis Coastal: 15.9°C/30.1°C
  • North Plateau: 12.9°C/33.8°C
  • North Coast: 19°C/29.8°C

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Weather in the next few days

On Friday (2), the high pressure area continues to influence the weather in the State, leaving the day sunny between the morning and mid-afternoon. Between the afternoon and evening, isolated rain showers and thunderstorms may occur between the plateaus and the coast, with a low to moderate risk for associated events.

At dawn, temperatures vary between 10°C and 18°C ​​in Planalto Sul and Greater Florianópolis Serrana and range between 16°C and 24°C in the rest of the State. The maximum temperatures range between 22°C and 28°C from the plateaus to the coast and vary between 31°C and 37°C in the Greater West.

On Saturday (3), high pressure continues to keep the sun dominating the state between the morning and afternoon, and between the afternoon and night there are conditions for the occurrence of rain showers and isolated thunderstorms in areas of the North Plateau, Coast North and Alto Vale do Itajaí.

On Sunday (4), atmospheric instabilities, combined with heat and humidity, intensify storms across the state between the afternoon and evening, which can include lightning, intense gusts of wind, hail and intense and heavy rain, with a moderate risk. to high for occurrences.

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Summer is going strong in Santa Catarina (Photo: Tiago Ghizoni, NSC Archive)

Heat must prevail (Photo: Tiago Ghizoni, NSC Archive)

Temperatures could reach 36°C this Thursday (1st) (Photo: Tiago Ghizoni, NSC Archive)

There is a possibility of thunderstorms in the afternoon and evening (Photo: Tiago Ghizoni, NSC Archive)

The days must be typical of summer (Photo: Tiago Ghizoni, NSC Archive)

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