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City Hall extended registration for competition with 443 vacancies in Bahia

City Hall extended registration for competition with 443 vacancies in Bahia
City Hall extended registration for competition with 443 vacancies in Bahia

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Correntina City Hall decided to extend registration for its public competition with 443 vacancies in various professional areas.

The deadline would end this Wednesday, January 31st. With the extension, interested parties who have not yet guaranteed participation will have until February 14th.

The opportunities are aimed at professionals with primary, secondary, technical and higher education. The Instituto Ação Bahia was the institution chosen by the city hall to organize and execute the event,

Remuneration varies from R$1,320.00 to R$12,260.43, for a weekly workload of 20 to 44 hours.

Registration and Selection

Registration must be made on the Instituto Ação Bahia page. The registration fee is R$70.00, R$90.00 or R$100.00, depending on the position chosen.

The contest will consist of an objective written test scheduled to be applied on March 3, 2024. In addition to higher-level positions, there will be a second stage, which consists of title analysis, of a classificatory nature.

For the position of driver, there will also be a practical test.

Available vacancies

The opportunities for elementary level they are for Almoxarife; Oral Hygiene Assistant; General Services Assistant; Brigadier; Carpenter; Kitchen maid; Cook; Electrician; Plumber; Photographer; Lifeguard; Gardener; Lunch box; Driver; Agricultural Machine Operator; Painter; Pruner; Locksmith; Hydraulic Maintenance Technician; Vigilant; Nurseryman; USF janitor; and Janitor.

In middle level, there are vacancies for Administrative Agent, Administrative Assistant, Library Assistant, Heritage Assistant, Class Assistant, Stocker, Environmental Inspector, Construction and Posture Inspector, Tax Inspector, Health Surveillance Inspector, Municipal Guard, Disabled Student Monitor , School Transport Monitor, Xerox Machine Operator, Doorman; Receptionist and School Secretary;

The vacancies of technical or professional level are for Tourism Agent, Pharmacy Assistant, Emergency Vehicle Driver (SAMU), Graphic Designer, Accounting Technician, Agribusiness Technician, Agricultural Technician, Nursing Technician, IT Technician, Radiology Technician, Security Technician Work and Surveyor.

There are also opportunities for professionals with higher levelin the positions of Communication Analyst, Food Engineering Advisor, Forestry Engineering Advisor, Sanitary Engineering Advisor, Legal Advisor, Social Worker, Tax Auditor, Nurse, Agricultural Engineer, Pharmacist, Physiotherapist, Speech Therapist, Nutritionist, Legal Attorney, Psychologist , Occupational Therapist, Tourismologist and Zootechnician.

There are also vacancies for teachers in various areas of basic education, and for doctors, in various specialties.

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