Deadline for companies to join Simples Nacional ends this Wednesday


This Wednesday, the 31st, is the deadline for micro and small companies to join the Simples Nacional tax regime. Interested parties can make a request via site.

The intention is to reduce bureaucracy in the accounting of small businesses, contributing to better development of the accounting routine of small businesses.

Interested company cannot have any debt or irregularity. Photo: internet

“This regime brings simplification to the payment of taxes, both at the federal, state and municipal levels, where the payment of these taxes is included in just one tab. This makes it easier for companies to fulfill their obligations to the tax authorities, also facilitating their accounting”, explains the Deputy Secretary of Revenue, Clóvis Gomes.

The company that intends to join the regime cannot have any debts or irregularities, considering that there is an automatic check of pending issues, which is carried out immediately after the request.

Therefore, interested parties who have any pending issues with the state tax authorities must contact an agency of the Finance Department (Sefaz) by 2pm, in the capital or in the interior of the state for regularization.

The regime

Simples Nacional is a tax regime that offers several opportunities for micro and small businesses. However, some requirements must be met.

If there is no impediment at the municipal, state or federal levels, the option will be granted. If there are pending issues, the option will be under analysis, in accordance with complementary law 123/2006, regulated by resolution CGSN 140/2018.

Until this Tuesday, 30, the Federal Revenue received almost 900 thousand requests to join the Simples Nacional tax regime. More than a million new participants are expected.

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