Unipace offers training and training to more than 10 thousand students in 2023

Unipace offers training and training to more than 10 thousand students in 2023
Unipace offers training and training to more than 10 thousand students in 2023

Launch of the School of Governance and Leadership program promoted by Unipace in partnership with Fecomércio, Senac and Cieds – Photo: José Leomar

The Superior School of the Ceará Parliament (Unipace), chaired by deputy Gabriella Aguiar (PSD), served, in 2023, 10,324 students in the various courses it promotes, including training, extension courses, language courses and postgraduate courses, among others.

During the year, new classes were opened for MBAs in Politics and Parliamentary Advisory, Management and Governance, and Municipal Public Management. In total, 310 students were offered the courses.

Alece’s employee qualifications took place throughout the year and served 1,116 Casa employees between the months of January and November. During these months, employees had the opportunity to participate in lectures, workshops, and other modalities, with themes aimed at the personal and professional improvement of participants.

The language courses also had a good flow of participants. Throughout the year, 629 students, distributed in 21 classes, continued their learning in English, Spanish and French courses.

The extension courses covered 1,032 students, and took place between the months of August and November. These are short and medium-term courses with specific content for public agents and civil society. Among the topics taught are Ageism and Generational Diversity, Health and Education in the Context of ASD, Legislative Education, among others.

Unipace Virtual, a proposal that aims to provide access to education for public servants with courses that are always open on the virtual platform https://avaunipacevirtual.al.ce.gov.br/, served 1,937 students in 12 courses. Among the most popular courses are Basic Public Speaking, Municipal Consultancy, Interactive Governance, and the New Bidding Law for State and Municipal Managers.

The Superação project, an initiative by Unipace in partnership with the State Department of Education (Seduc) which aims to provide public servants, outsourced workers and the community with conditions to complete their schooling, from basic education to secondary education, served 58 civil servants from the Casa, who had the opportunity to continue their studies during the year.


Among the events promoted by the entity during the year, the launch of the School of Governance and Leadership program stands out. Through the initiative, the courses “Present Managers”, “Leadership and Gender Equality: Women 2030” and “Female Leadership” were promoted, which took place in Fortaleza and Tauá.

The program is a partnership between Alece, through Unipace, with the Ceará Commerce Federation (Fecomércio); National Commercial Learning Service (Senac) and Integrated Center for Studies and Sustainable Development Programs (Cieds), and aims to train and connect civic and social leaders on impactful agendas, connected with the 2030 Agenda of the United Nations ( UN).

Another initiative in 2023 was the project “Training in Municipal Legislative Management and Production School”, the result of a partnership between Unipace, the Union of Councilors of Ceará (UVC) and the Association of Municipalities of Ceará (Aprece).

The proposal, aimed at mayors, councilors and municipal advisors, is to improve the professional training of municipal public agents, to improve the work of municipal chambers and generate a more effective Legislative Branch.


The Superior School of the Cearense Parliament, created by resolution in July 2007, is a teaching, research and memory body of Alece. Its mission is to promote solutions that contribute to the improvement of the Legislative Branch, through the qualification of civil servants, agents and political leaders and the promotion of innovative public policies, with excellence in the services offered and civic responsibility, bringing citizens closer to the legislative sphere .

The courses offered by Unipace are primarily aimed at Casa employees, employees of partner public institutions and also Ceará society in the form of events and seminars. Currently, the School is chaired by deputy Gabriella Aguiar (PSD) and has deputy Renato Roseno (Psol) as vice-president.

Unipace’s headquarters are located at Rua Barbosa de Freitas, 2674, Bairro Dionísio Torres – Annex II – Dep. Building José Euclides Ferreira Gomes – 1st floor. Fortaleza, ceara.

Editing: Clara Guimarães

The article is in Portuguese

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