Carnival Mental Health Blocks: The complete agenda of Mental Health blocks for Rio Carnival in 2024

Carnival Mental Health Blocks: The complete agenda of Mental Health blocks for Rio Carnival in 2024
Carnival Mental Health Blocks: The complete agenda of Mental Health blocks for Rio Carnival in 2024

Carnival in Rio de Janeiro is preparing for a unique and inclusive experience: the Mental Health Blocks, made up of users, family members and dedicated professionals from the city’s mental health network, who promise to shake up revelers and break down barriers during the biggest popular festival Brazilian.

In line with themes of resistance, feminism, equality and anti-asylum struggle, these blocks stand out as true agents of social transformation. Through the brightness and diversity provided by Carnival, they not only celebrate joy, but also foster the integration of patients with communities, neighborhoods and revelers from all parts of the city.

More than simple parades, these events play a vital role as occupational therapy, offering music, prop making and crafts workshops. This innovative initiative not only captivates Carnival lovers, but also highlights the importance of mental health, bringing crucial issues to light at one of the most festive moments of the year. Join us for this unique celebration, where fun meets care and inclusion.

Starting this Friday, the 2nd, in the West Zone of the city, the carnival groups Loucura Suburbana, Império Colonial, Tá Pirando, Pirado, Pirou! and Zona Mental begin to parade through the streets of Rio. With sambas that involve resistance, feminism, equality and anti-asylum struggle, the groups promise to rock Rio’s revelers this year, bringing together the community, patients and professionals from Psychosocial Care Centers (CAPS) in different regions of the city.

In its eighth year of parading through the streets of the West Zone, the Zona Mental block highlights black resistance and the roots of the Brazilian people in the samba-plot of 2024. The group sings the history and culture brought by black people, who arrived in Brazil in the tumbeiro ships, and how contemporary youth perpetuates this legacy, whether in music, literature or other artistic expressions. Under the theme “We Are Resistance and Black is Our Conscience”, the block inaugurates the mental health parades on February 2, in Bangu.

Tá Pirando, Pirado, Pirou!, the second group to cheer up the locals, parades on February 4th, in Botafogo. With the theme “Crazy, Divine and Wonderful: Women who Changed the World”, it seeks to highlight female examples who worked in different areas, such as music, art and in the fight against racism, authoritarianism, aesthetic standards and asylum violence, celebrating the work of great historical figures.

Returning to color the streets of the West Zone, Império Colonial brings, this year, the plot “100 Years of Transformation, A Year of Revelry”, covering the history of mental health from its origins to the present day. The theme celebrates the end of asylums and, mainly, the occupation of these spaces as places to promote health, education, culture and freedom.

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The Colonial Empire parade takes place on February 6th, also marking 15 years of the block livening up the streets of Jacarepaguá. In addition to addressing the transformations in mental health care, with the implementation of CAPS and therapeutic residences as a new care model and the anti-asylum fight, the block celebrates its history and contribution to the city.

Joy in the North Zone is provided by Loucura Suburbana, which celebrates more than 20 years parading through the streets. With the plot “Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow”, the block tells the carnivals experienced together with the history of Engenho de Dentro. As the last mental health group to brighten the city’s streets, Loucura Suburbana parades in the Engenho de Dentro region on February 8, traditionally on the Thursday before Carnival.


Mental Zone
Parade: 02/02, at 4pm
Location: Praça Guilherme da Silveira, Bangu

You’re Freaking Out, Freaking Out, Freaking Out!
Parade: 04/02, at 2pm
Location: Avenida Pasteur, Botafogo

Colonial Empire
Parade: 02/06, at 2pm
Location: Rua Simone de Beauvoir, Jacarepaguá

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Suburban Madness
Parade: 02/08, at 4pm
Location: Instituto Nise da Silveira, Rua Ramiro Magalhães, 521 – Engenho de Dentro

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Municipal Health Department of Rio de Janeiro

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