SC-401 expansion project features additional lanes, marginals and cycle paths


Preview of the SC-401 expansion project was presented by the Infrastructure Secretariat – Photo: Lucas Cervenka/CSC

The SC Public Ministry called a meeting this Wednesday (31/1) in an attempt to create a group with several authorities to provide a solution to SC-401, the busiest highway in the state, which connects the Center to the north of the island from Florianópolis. At the meeting, at the agency’s headquarters, a project still being prepared for the “duplication” of the highway was presented, with the creation of third lanes, marginal roads and highways.

Expansion project

The meeting, headed by the capital’s 30th public prosecutor’s office, seeks to speed up the implementation of works or projects that make traffic flow better on the highway. One of the ideas of the state government, responsible for SC-401, is the expansion of one lane on each side and the construction of marginal roads for up to 6 km of the road.

The representative of the State Secretariat for Infrastructure, Ricardo Grando, presented what could be a project to expand the SC-401, with the addition of a third lane in both directions of the highway between the João Paulo and Santo Antônio neighborhoods of Lisbon. The idea is also to build roads on both sides from the access to Cacupé until close to the cemetery, with cycle paths and sidewalks, over a length of 1.9 km. There will be new intersections, such as roundabouts and U-turns on the highway, and the installation of three more pedestrian walkways.

The project, as it stands, shows that the expansion of the highway will take large adjacent areas. In the curve at the top of the hill between João Paulo and the descent from the cemetery, one of the most critical points, it will be necessary to cut a large part of the rocks on the sides. The marginal towards the Center should also reach a point close to the Masonic lodge, next to the mangrove.

According to technical representatives from SIE, who were afraid to show progress, around 45% of this project has been formulated. The intention is to complete it in July, after discussions with the Florianópolis Infrastructure Secretariat. The cost is still uncertain, due to the project not being ready, but it could be around R$70 million.

The municipal department of Planning and Urban Intelligence also reiterated its intention to create more centralities in the neighborhoods of Florianópolis in order to develop a more “compact” city, with complete services in the places where people live and, thus, less need to travel on the SC-401 .

SC-401 numbers

Data presented by PMRv show that SC-401 has an average circulation of 60.5 thousand vehicles per day. In the last week of 2023, the flow recorded in front of the police station exceeded 1 million. Huge traffic jams were recorded on those days. But the saturation scenario is constant, even without the presence of a large volume of tourists. Small occurrences end up having a huge impact on traffic throughout the year. Last year there were 357 collisions, with 5 people killed (3 motorcyclists and 2 pedestrians). Even for the police to reach the scene of the incident, it is sometimes difficult, as reported by Lieutenant Colonel Maurício Veríssimo.

Public transport is a question

Public transport was also heavily mentioned at the meeting by representatives from Fiesc, Alesc and CDL, but without a concrete change project. Plamus, the possibility of installing an exclusive lane and the general need to improve the bus system were mentioned. For some representatives of the entities present, it is not viable to discuss the expansion of SC-401 without a project to make public transport more attractive.

whatsapp group

As a guide, prosecutor Daniel Paladino, from the 30th PJ, suggested the creation of a Whatsapp group with several entities to monitor actions on SC-401. “The plan is to set up a commission so that, in addition to charging, we can discuss improving the highway. It would be a commission formed by representatives of the Public Ministry, as a reference within the state and municipality; We can even create a WhatsApp group to deal with these issues on a permanent basis, to exchange ideas and suggestions”.

By Lucas Cervenka – [email protected]

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