Storm causes flooding and complicates getting home | Rio de Janeiro

Storm causes flooding and complicates getting home | Rio de Janeiro
Storm causes flooding and complicates getting home | Rio de Janeiro

Storm caused flooding on Avenida Brasil, close to Fiocruz, in Manguinhos, in the North Zone – Renan Areias / Agência O Dia

Storm caused flooding on Avenida Brasil, near Fiocruz, in Manguinhos, in the North ZoneRenan Areias / Agência O Dia

Published 01/31/2024 18:56 | Updated 01/31/2024 23:11

Rio – The heavy rain that hit Rio late this Wednesday afternoon (31) caused several points of flooding in all regions of the city, complicating the return home. Due to the record of rainfall greater than 25 mm, in a period of 30 minutes, on Ilha do Governador, in the North Zone, the municipality entered Stage 3, at 6:40 pm. The city returned to Stage 2 at 9:05 p.m.

According to the Rio Operations Center (COR), the Ilha do Governador station had a rainfall record of 28.4mm in 30 minutes. The region was the most affected by the storm so far, including the Galeão region.

COR also recorded points with pockets of water on Avenida Brasil, near the Oswaldo Cruz Foundation, in Manguinhos, in the North Zone. At this point, drivers had to use the exclusive bus lane to escape the water.

There were still records of flooding in Benfica, Ramos, São Cristóvão, and Jardim Carioca, in the North Zone; and in Campo Grande, in the West Zone. Until 7:30 pm, 24 flooding points across the municipality were recorded.

Four tree falls were also found. One completely blocked vehicle traffic on Avenida Nossa Senhora de Copacabana, in Copacabana, in the South Zone, at Rua Djalma Ulrich. Cars passing by the scene close to the time of the fall had to pass along the sidewalk. The second took place on Avenida Rei Pelé, towards the Center, close to gate 2 of Maracanã. Another fell on Rua Francisca Heiden, in Bonsucesso, in the North Zone, and another fall occurred on Rua Vinícius de Moraes, in Lagoa, South Zone.

According to the Rio Alert System, clusters of heavy rain continue to act over the North and Center Zones and around the Tijuca Massif, with slow movement towards the ocean.

Still according to the agency, there is a forecast of cloudy skies, with moderate to heavy rain in the next few hours, with moderate lightning and gusts of wind, occasionally strong.

Occurrences in the state

According to the State Secretariat for Civil Defense (Sedec-RJ) and the Fire Department,
for around 40 incidents related to rain this Wednesday (31) across the state. Most are related to cutting down trees and saving people. So far, there are no reports of victims.

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