Southern Bahia does not have pediatric surgery


Southern Bahia does not have pediatric surgery

This Wednesday Oziel Aragão, presenter of Brunette Connection, from Morena FM, raised an urgent debate about health in southern Bahia. In the region, SUS has not performed pediatric orthopedic surgery since October, when Hospital Manoel Novaes closed the sector.

According to Santa Casa de Itabuna, responsible for the Hospital, the doctors left the service due to constant delays in payment. Oziel verified the information with doctor Fabiane Chaves, technical director of Novaes. She confirmed that there has been no orthopedic pediatric care since October.

The reason? “The money the municipality collects is less than what it should pay these professionals”, he revealed. There is also the attitude of professionals, tired of being verbally attacked by stressed parents, and less interest in the pediatric area in colleges.

This means that all children in the Itabuna and Ilhéus region who need orthopedic surgery through the SUS today must be transferred to Feira de Santana or Salvador. Together, Itabuna and Ilhéus serve 30 municipalities and more than one million inhabitants.

Contacted by Jornal das Sete, from Morena FM, the management of Santa Casa reaffirmed that delays in SUS transfers made Manoel Novaes’ orthopedics sector unviable. The report also contacted the Joaquim Sampaio Maternal and Child Hospital, in Ilhéus.

According to his advisor, the unit, opened in 2021, does not yet perform pediatric orthopedic surgery, but the service is in the implementation phase. Conexão Morena listeners say that it is not just the SUS that lacks pediatricians. “Privately and with health plans, it is also difficult to have surgery in the city”, said one.

An example of the danger for children in southern Bahia happened this week, when a three-year-old boy broke his arm and was taken to the Maternal and Child Hospital. Due to the lack of an orthopedic pediatrician, he was referred to Manoel Novaes, who also doesn’t have one. He continues to suffer, taking medication.

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