PT takes advantage of Abin’s arapongagem to ‘fry’ minister Rui Costa


Accustomed to cannibalism to gain chunks of power, the PT takes advantage of the scandal in the Lula government’s arapongagem agency to fry minister Rui Costa (Casa Civil). Costa is the sponsor of Luiz Fernando Corrêa in command of the Brazilian Intelligence Agency (Abin). On the day he decided to clean up the Abin leadership, Corrêa was among those dismissed, but was saved by the minister’s intervention. The agency’s number two, Alessandro Moretti, was not so lucky.

In addition to Moretti, the arapongagem brought down four other directors. With the mass dismissals, few people are betting on Corrêa’s maintenance.

Planalto already has someone to replace Rui Costa’s protégé: Ricardo Cappelli, linked to the PSB and Dino, who doesn’t like the head of the Civil House.

PT factions see the scandal as a chance to undermine Rui Costa’s eventual chance of being Lula’s replacement in the presidential candidacy.

In addition to the enemies conquered over more than 40 years with PT, the Bahian faces jealousy in the party due to the PAC’s spotlight.

Lula, to whom Guimarães dedicated the treatment of divinity, was at the wake-rally. (Photo: Marcelo Camargo/ABr)

PT ‘equipment’ until deceased ambassador’s wake

The tributes to the late ambassador Samuel Pinheiro Guimarães, at Itamaraty, were marked by unusual scenes and sealings that left diplomats awestruck. In speeches, instead of highlighting the diplomat’s predicates as a priority, attacks were heard against former president Jair Bolsonaro. Lula, to whom Guimarães dedicated the treatment of divinity, was at the wake-rally. It was a surprise: the president has a habit of avoiding funeral ceremonies and places affected by tragedies.

The inappropriate affixing, on the coffin, of the membership card to the PT of Guimarães, a servant of the Brazilian State, also caused concern.

As No. 2 at Itamaraty, he created “Samuel’s little school”, with diplomats discussing books they were forced to read.

Guimarães also shocked by excluding the foreign language test, essential for diplomatic activity, in career entry courses.

Power without shame

He died late

In 1955, a year after Evita’s death and shortly before his fall, Argentine general Juan Domingo Perón dismissed the greatest poet Jorge Luis Borges from a sinecure at the National Library in Buenos Aires. Pure bullshit. “Perón is un miserable!”, proclaimed the poet. In 1973, Perón returned to power and subsequently passed away. A journalist sought out Borges and tried to induce him to give a generous response about the dead man. He rested his hands on the handle of his cane and exclaimed: “Ahora, Perón es un miserable muerto!”

In addition to Abin, there is talk of a parallel Federal Police. The distrust comes from José Medeiros (PL-MT), who cites the operations against Anderson Torres and Carlos Bolsonaro. “Do you want it with arrest or just a search?” asks the deputy.

Nikolas Ferreira (PL-MG) did not forgive the PF’s request to break the banking and tax secrecy of André Janones (Avante-MG), the one behind rachadona. He used a “knock, knock, knock” meme suggesting an eventual raid by the feds.

The Jabuticaba branch of the Brazilian Judiciary, the Labor Court continues to play politics. Now it wants to extract R$85 million from the persecuted businessman Luciano Hang and his Havan for “electoral harassment”. Sad country.

The PF investigation against André Fernandes (PL-CE) for inconsistency in racial self-declaration is reminiscent of the identical case of Flávio Dino, who was once mixed race and white, but does not run the risk of being summoned to explain this.

Quote of the day

“The term ‘black box’ is racist, fascist and above all taxi drivers”

Kim Kataguiri (União-SP) ionizing Lindbergh Farias (PT-RJ), activist from Lacrolândia

Marcelo Queiroga was in Brasília. He went to the PL headquarters to meet with the party owner, Valdemar Costa Neto. The former Minister of Health wants help in his candidacy for mayor of João Pessoa (PB).

The mayor of São Paulo, Ricardo Nunes (MDB), knocked on the door of the TCU this Wednesday (31) and handed over to Bruno Dantas, its president, a representation against the energy distributor Enel.

The National Yearbook of Bookstores points to Maranhão, governed for almost a decade by Flávio Dino, as the Brazilian state with the lowest number of bookstores per inhabitant: one for every 324 thousand.

Video footage shows a whale surprising a group of bathers, including Jair Bolsonaro. Now he has been summoned for a laughable allegation of “whale harassment”. Harassing the former president can.

…electoral harassment really is political time on TV.

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