Government reaches the milestone of 50 kidney transplant surgeries

Government reaches the milestone of 50 kidney transplant surgeries
Government reaches the milestone of 50 kidney transplant surgeries

This week, the Government of Amazonas reached the milestone of 50 kidney transplant surgeries carried out in the public network, through the Unified Health System (SUS), at the Delphina Aziz Hospital and Emergency Room. The goal for 2024 is to perform eight kidney transplants per month. The patients who underwent the 50th surgery are José Abrantes, recipient, and his brother, André Abrantes, kidney donor.

For the Secretary of Health of Amazonas, Anoar Samad, the brand represents an advance for Health as a whole. “Governor Wilson Lima, in July last year, ordered the start of kidney transplants. Today, we reached the milestone of 50 patients served. There are 50 patients who did not need to leave Manaus to undergo surgery,” he highlighted.

The technical director of Complexo Hospitalar Zona Norte (CHZN), Leandro Moura, highlighted the participation and commitment of the entire hospital team. “This milestone is more than a number, it is a testimony to the tireless dedication of our entire multidisciplinary team involved in this process, from the first consultations, to the surgery and then, the follow-up”, he said.

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José Abrantes, 56,’s path to kidney transplant surgery began in 2019. From then on, the patient underwent dialysis three times a week, accompanied by his wife or children. The greatest happiness for him is being able to perform the surgery in his own state.

“It (dialysis) is very tiring. I felt sick several times. If I needed the surgery before, I would have to travel, but now I’m going to do it here. You have to have a lot of courage to face everything”, said kidney transplant recipient, José Abrantes.

On the other side, the brother and kidney donor eagerly awaits their discharge. André Alberto, 48 years old, faced a 14-hour boat trip from Nova Olinda do Norte to Manaus to undergo surgery.

“When I came to Manaus, I accompanied him on dialysis and saw his suffering. I didn’t think twice when I found out I could be the donor. I was very well looked after here by everyone”, said the brother and donor, André Alberto.

Emotion also took over José Abrantes’ daughter, self-employed Lana Abrantes, 33. She explained how the Government of Amazonas provided a new perspective for the entire family, who will no longer need to go to the hospital to undergo dialysis.

“The Government has always supported us, thank God. The (kidney) transplant was a dream that we never imagined could happen here in Amazonas. The hospital’s structure is excellent and we are very grateful”, said his daughter, Lana Abrantes.

Kidney transplant in Amazonas

In July 2023, Amazonas performed the first kidney transplant surgery in the state’s public health network. Kidney transplantation is a treatment for patients diagnosed with chronic renal failure, whether the patient is on dialysis or even in the pre-dialysis phase.

More than 400 people, including potential donors and recipients, went through the evaluation process at the unit. The service began with people who had already carried out the procedures in other states, who were previously monitored by another health unit. In April 2023, the unit began providing pre-transplant services, with consultations via the regulatory complex.

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