Correios Competition: hiring temporary workers until March! Check vacancies and salaries

Correios Competition: hiring temporary workers until March! Check vacancies and salaries
Correios Competition: hiring temporary workers until March! Check vacancies and salaries

You Mailone of the most traditional institutions in Brazil, are preparing to hold a public competition in 2024. However, before that, they plan to hire 770 temporary servers until March this year.

This information was released by the Interstate Foundation of Postal Workers Unions (Findect) in January 2022.

Urgent Temporary Hiring

To ensure the smooth running of activities until the public tender is held, the Correios are looking to hire temporary workers through outsourced companies. Findect revealed that the company has set a deadline for 30 days to fill these urgent vacancies.

The president of Correios, Fabiano Silva dos Santos, confirmed the company’s intention to hold the public tender in 2024, during a meeting with the Union Entity. He highlighted the importance of planning for the event and stated that the company will comply with this demand.

“We started a working group to discuss PCCS. We are going to hold a public competition. I know it is a demand, that you are overwhelmed. But we cannot hold a contest without planning. This year I am guaranteeing, we will hold a public competition in the company”, said Fabiano Silva dos Santos.

Forecast of Positions and Vacancies

There is still no official forecast of the specific positions that will be offered in the postal competition, nor the number of available vacancies. These details will be defined later, in joint analysis with a responsible committee.

It is important to highlight that, according to the Draft Collective Agreement 2023/2024, Correios has already committed to approaching the holding of a new competition as a matter of urgency. Therefore, it is expected that the event will offer opportunities in different areas and educational levels.

Competitions scheduled for 2024

In addition to the Correios competition, it is important to pay attention to the other competitions scheduled for 2024. Several public institutions tend to hold competitions regularly, offering opportunities in different areas and positions.

Open Competitions for Various Bodies

There are open competitions for various public bodies across the country. These competitions can offer vacancies in areas such as administrative, tax, legal, banking, among others. It is essential to pay attention to the registration dates and the requirements required in each notice.

Federal Competitions

Federal competitions are also very competitive and offer a wide variety of opportunities. Agencies such as the Federal Revenue Service, the Federal Police and the Central Bank tend to hold competitions frequently, opening vacancies for mid- and higher-level positions.

State and Municipal Competitions

In addition to federal competitions, it is important to check the opportunities offered by state and municipal bodies. Each state and municipality has its own administrative structure and, consequently, its own public competitions.

Furthermore, the postal competition It is an excellent opportunity for those who wish to enter public service. By hiring temporary workers until March this year, the company seeks to meet emergency demand while preparing to hold the public tender in 2024.

To prepare properly, it is essential to look for study materials and courses that are aligned with the program content planned for the event. Furthermore, it is important to pay attention to the other competitions scheduled for the year 2024, both at the federal, state and municipal levels.

Be prepared and take advantage of the opportunities that the public sector offers. Invest in your professional and academic development, and always be up to date with news and vacancies available in public competitions. Remember that dedication and constant study are essential to achieve the approval you dream of.

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