“the left buys the center and the right bows to it”

“the left buys the center and the right bows to it”
“the left buys the center and the right bows to it”

Without Bolsonaro’s support, Ricardo Salles confirms that he will not be a candidate for mayor of São Paulo.| Photo: Marcelo Camargo/Agência Brasil

Outside of the election that will choose the next mayor for the city of São Paulo, the federal deputy Ricardo Salles (PL) spoke to the People’s Gazette and criticized the parties’ relationship with the center. According to him, this would be the main reason for withdrawing from the dispute.

“The logic of the center was never the logic of the right. There is a big difference between the right and the left when dealing with centrão, unfortunately. The left buys the center so the center can do what the left wants. On the other hand, the right bows to the center. Anyway, I can’t decide for others”, replied Salles.

He ruled out the possibility of leaving the PL to run for another party. “I would only leave the PL to run for another party if I had the support of the Jair Bolsonaro (PL). If Bolsonaro nominates his vice president [do prefeito Ricardo Nunes, do MDB]obviously I’m not going to leave the party to run against Bolsonaro’s candidate.”

Salles pointed out that right-wing voters in São Paulo are frustrated with the possibilities of candidates. “It is a great frustration for right-wing voters in São Paulo to see themselves without a right-wing candidate in the race, that is the truth. This weakens the right. Bowing down to a candidate who has never represented us, which is the case of Ricardo Nunes, is reduce the weight of conservatives. This decision is not up to me.”

Asked if he would support anyone in the dispute, the parliamentarian rejected the idea. “I’m not going to do anything, at most I’m going to work for the councilors who I think deserve support,” said Salles.

Regarding the names that have been floated to make up Nunes’ list, Salles has his favorite. “If the decision is not to have one’s own candidacy and to nominate the vice-president, let it be the colonel Mello Araújo, a correct guy, he’s great. The others don’t have the slightest expression. None of the others add absolutely anything to Ricardo Nunes. The person who really brings together and represents Bolsonarism is Mello Araújo”.

With Salles’ resignation from the São Paulo mayorship, the confrontation so far has been polarized between the current mayor and the federal deputy Guilherme Boulos (Psol), as indicated by surveys from research institutes. “It is difficult to make a prediction. Nunes is very weak, so he will have a lot of difficulty. This support helps a lot [Bolsonaro e Tarcísio]; Without them, Nunes wouldn’t have any chance. Bad administration, the city is rubbish, it has a series of problems”, he said.

The deputy uses the example of the president Lula (PT) to try to launch new right-wing candidacies. “Regardless of the governor and the mayor, people need to defend what they believe in and take the risk of eventually losing. The PT, before electing Lula as president for the first time, lost elections countless times, but that didn’t stop them from launching their own candidate. There is a saying in politics that says: ‘those who don’t get on the field don’t cheer’”.

Asked about the comments that former president Bolsonaro is being held hostage by PL president Valdemar Costa Neto, Ricardo Salles preferred not to respond.

Bolsonaro says that PL will not have its own candidate in São Paulo and confirms Ricardo Salles out of the race

During a live broadcast on YouTube held last Sunday (28), Bolsonaro commented on the situation on the right in the election for mayor of São Paulo. “São Paulo, can we have a candidate? It does not give. If it works, fine, if it doesn’t work, we’ll go with the deputy. The deputy who has a good route, who has a good name, a good routeand we are gaining ground”, stated Bolsonaro.

The former president laughed when he said “rota”, in a possible reference to confirm the name of Colonel Mello Araújo, former commander of Rondas Ostensivas Tobias de Aguiar (Rota), a battalion of the Military Police (PM) of São Paulo. The colonel was president of the Companhia de Entrepostos e Armazéns Gerais de São Paulo (Ceagesp) during the Bolsonaro government.

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