Refis membership deadline ends this Thursday (1st)


The State Government, through the State Secretariat of Finance of Piauí (Sefaz-PI), alerts taxpayers that this Thursday (1st), the deadline for paying off debts related to state taxes (ICMS, IPVA, ITCMD and Detran and Setrans Fee), through the Tax Credit Recovery Program, Refis 2023.

According to the superintendent of the State Revenue, Graça Moreira Ramos, Refis 2023 offers discounts of up to 95% on debts related to interest and fines for those who pay in cash, both for debts registered or not in active debt, filed or no, including debts negotiated before the program.

“And debt negotiation can also be done in installments. In the case of ICMS, installments can be made as follows: in three installments, with a 90% discount on interest and punitive fines and moratoriums; six times, with an 80% discount on interest and fines; twelve with 70% discount on interest and fines; or in up to ninety installments, with the latter option being that the taxpayer must have a minimum down payment of 20% of the total value of the tax credit”, explains Graça Moreira Ramos.

In relation to debts related to IPVA and ITCMD, they can be divided into three, six and up to twelve installments, with the discounts being, successively, 90%, 80% and 70%.

Responding to a request from the business and accounting sector, the government has previously extended the deadline, which was previously December 15th to the 28th of the same month. It was then extended again to February 1, 2024 so that taxpayers would have more opportunity to settle their debts with the state tax authorities.

Find out how to negotiate Refis 2023 debts:

– To negotiate IPVA, access the website:

– To pay Detran fees, visit the website:

– And to negotiate ITCMD debts, look for one of the Sefaz-PI Service Agencies.

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