Mandarin courses will be offered in Manaus through an agreement between Nuriam, Unesp, Ufam and Ibrachina


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The International Relations Center of the Legislative Assembly of the State of Amazonas (Nuriam/Aleam), coordinated by state deputy João Luiz (Republicans), will participate in the signing, on Friday (2), at 9 am, of the cooperation agreement between the University State of São Paulo (Unesp), Federal University of Amazonas (Ufam), Instituto Sociocultural Brasil China (Ibrachina) to offer Mandarin courses at Ufam, in Manaus.

The event will take place in the Belarmino Lins auditorium, located on Avenida Mário Ypiranga Monteiro, in the Flores neighborhood, Central-South zone of Manaus.

“Our objective is to establish mutual cooperation in the area of ​​promoting Chinese language and culture with regular face-to-face Chinese language courses and cultural activities related to this important Asian country. We want to qualify our students and provide opportunities for work, employment and income, through education”, says João Luiz.

On this occasion, two professors, Xing Chen and Ruiyi Li, from the University of Hubei (China) will be officially presented to teach classes at the Federal University of Amazonas. Also present at the ceremony will be Professor Pasqual Barretti, rector of Unesp; Ye Dan, Chinese pedagogical director of the Confucius Institute; Thiago Fernandes Braz, director of Planning at the Confúcio Institute; Thomas Law, president of Ibrachina; Sylvio Mário Puga, rector of Ufam, and Arthemis Soares, from Ufam’s International and Interinstitutional Relations Office (Arii).


Aleam’s Amazonas International Relations Center (Nuriam) aims to integrate with public entities in all spheres, in addition to integrating private and academic entities. The nucleus is a strategic and innovative project that aims to boost paradiplomacy in the state and strengthen international competitiveness.

Nuriam is coordinated by deputy João Luiz and counts as vice-coordinator, professor and president of the Brazil/China Sociocultural Institute (Ibrachina), Thomas Law, and professor Neibe Araújo, as general secretary of the nucleus.

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