Huge cracks in the ground cause evacuation in Gramado, Rio Grande do Sul

Huge cracks in the ground cause evacuation in Gramado, Rio Grande do Sul
Huge cracks in the ground cause evacuation in Gramado, Rio Grande do Sul
Cracks in the neighborhood of Três Pinheiros, in Gramado, Rio Grande do Sul. Credit: Reproduction.
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The city of Gramado is located in northeast of the state of Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil. She is well known for her displays of Christmas lights and the hydrangea flowers in spring, in addition to their various tourist sites. It is also very famous for the production of chocolates.

The municipality receives, on average, 648 thousand tourists per monthaccording to the city’s Tourism Department, being the largest tourist hub in the state and one of the most important in the country. It is a city of many natural beauties and charms…

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Last weekend, something scary happened in Gramado: several extensive cracks appeared in different locations around the city: in the Três Pinheiros neighborhood, in the Orlandi and Alphaville subdivisions and on the border between the Piratini neighborhood and Linha Ávila.

Cracks cause damage and evacuation

O The most affected place was the Três Pinheiros neighborhoodwhat it was evacuated on Saturday (18), after cracks of up to 150 meters appeared in the ground. All residents were evacuated and Mayor Nestor Tissot declared emergency situation in the municipality. The cracks damaged houses, streets, sidewalks and even lawns in several spots.

The Civil Defense of Rio Grande do Sul warns that these cracks in the Três Pinheiros neighborhood increase the risk of slope collapse and potential landslides in the surrounding region. Including, a building in this neighborhood has started to give way and is at risk of collapsing at any momentas can be seen in the image below.

Base of the building giving way in the Três Pinheiros neighborhood, in Gramado. Credit: Cid Guedes/Reproduction/G1.

Several impressive videos and images circulated on social media. In one of the records, as can be seen below, the crack compromises the structure of a building:

“We came for the holidays and we are scared by what has happened. Although everything is fine in the more touristy parts, when we move a little away, not even two minutes from the places, we see scary scenes”, said a tourist who did not want to be identified.

Some residences in the Piratini, Planalto and Linha Caboclo neighborhoods were also closed. O The soil continues to move and there are records of new cracks.

What is the possible cause of the cracks?

When questioned, the municipality’s Civil Defense said that cannot yet be sure what exactly caused these cracks, but studies are being carried out to find out. However, last week there were heavy rains in the region, and it is believed that this may have been the cause.

On the afternoon of this Wednesday (22), two technicians from Geological Service of Brazil (SGB) went to the city to carry out a technical visit to the Três Pinheiros neighborhood, Perimetral and Ladeira das Azaleias, in the Planalto neighborhood, where there are cracks and the risk of falling barriers. A report will be prepared to guide the municipality’s decision-making.

It is worth highlighting that approximately 100 families are still out of their homes, and there is still no forecast for release to return.

The city’s Civil Defense commander, Cassio Júnior, showed concern about the coming days, as the forecast is for more rain this Wednesday and Thursday (23). He said the families will be kept in a place where they can be safe until experts assess the conditions.

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