Elmano says that Cid would be ‘welcome’ to the PT and defends senator: ‘He’s teaching some people a lesson’ – PontoPoder

Elmano says that Cid would be ‘welcome’ to the PT and defends senator: ‘He’s teaching some people a lesson’ – PontoPoder
Elmano says that Cid would be ‘welcome’ to the PT and defends senator: ‘He’s teaching some people a lesson’ – PontoPoder

The governor Elmano de Freitas (PT) stated, this Monday (20), that the senator Cid Gomes (PDT) “will be very welcome” to PT. He highlighted his “identity” with the former governor of Ceará and highlighted that he is “continuing, in Ceará, a project started by Senator Cid”.

Leaving the PDT, Cid has avoided talking about the partisan destiny of the political group he leads, even after announcing the disaffiliation of 43 mayors and granting letters of consent to 20 parliamentarians and substitutes.

The possibility of the senator going to the PT gained strength after the Minister of Education, Camilo Santana (PT), say that the president Lula (PT) asked to invite the senator from Ceará. “I was with President Lula this week and he asked me to invite Senator Cid. The party’s doors are open if he wants to join the PT,” he said last Friday.

Elmano de Freitas reinforced the invitation. “For my part, he has a lot of admiration, a lot of respect and, as a member of the PT, I would be very proud to have him in the ranks of the party that I am part of,” he said. The statements were made during the inauguration of the Integrated Public Security Center (Cisp) in Ceará.

The governor also took the opportunity to echo the speeches of the leader of the Lula Government in the Chamber of Deputies, José Guimarães (PT), about the possible affiliation of Cid. “The PT has its operating rites,” said the deputy.

“Every party has a rite. Having a rite is part of Brazilian legislation and legality”, minimized Elmano.

‘He’s teaching some people’

The governor of Ceará, however, highlighted that it is time to wait for a decision from both Cid and the political group that the senator leads on which party should accommodate them.

“We realized that, as Senator Cid Gomes has always done, he is not making a decision just from his head, he is bringing together, listening to people, those who are part of the political group he is part of. He is acting collectively, collegial, as a leader should do”, he highlighted.

The conduct, according to Elmano, is a “lesson for some”. In recent months, senator Cid Gomes has been locked in an arm wrestling match with federal deputy André Figueiredo for the presidency of PDT Ceará.

After definitions by the party’s national Executive — temporarily led by Figueiredo — in addition to a series of court decisions, the wing led by Cid must leave the party, despite the last injunction granted by the Court having returned command of the state directory to the senator.

“He is teaching some people a lesson about how he should do it. Leadership is not who orders others, tells them what to do, leadership is who listens to those he leads to make a decision”, said Elmano, reinforcing that Cid will be “very good -coming in any center-left party”.

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