Semus calls for priority groups to vaccinate against influenza

Semus calls for priority groups to vaccinate against influenza
Semus calls for priority groups to vaccinate against influenza

With the low adherence of the target audience to the influenza immunization campaign, the Municipal Health Department (Semus) calls on priority groups to receive this year’s dose. The vaccine is available at Family Health Units (USFs) from Monday to Friday, from 8 am to 5 pm. The intensification is a recommendation from the Ministry of Health (MS) throughout the Northern Region of the country and continues until December 15th. The available units can be checked below.

Priority groups include children from six months to under six years of age (that is, up to 5 years, 11 months and 29 days), the elderly, pregnant women and women who have recently given birth up to 45 days postpartum, health workers, teachers, indigenous peoples (village residents and non-village residents), security and rescue forces professionals, armed forces, people with permanent disabilities, people with comorbidities, truck drivers, public road transport workers (urban and long distance), port workers, population deprived of liberty and prison system employees.

Semus emphasizes that the influenza vaccine must be taken every year and the main participation in the campaign must be from priority groups, with a greater chance of complications due to the disease. Immunization is the best form of protection to guarantee the safety of the population and prevent transmission of the virus.

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About the disease
According to the
MS, influenza is an acute infection of the respiratory system caused by the influenza virus, with high transmission potential. There are four types of influenza/flu viruses: ‘A’, ‘B’, ‘C’ and ‘D’. Influenza ‘A’ and ‘B’ viruses are responsible for seasonal epidemics, with influenza ‘A’ being the cause of major pandemics.

Vaccination rooms
Monday to Friday, from 8 am to 5 pm

USF Arno 41 (403 North)
USF Arno 42 (405 North)
USF Arne 53 (406 North)
USF Arno 44 (409 North)
USF Arno 61 (503 North)
USF Arne 64 (508 North)
USF Deise de Fátima Araújo de Paula (Arse 13 – 108 Sul)
USF Loiane Moreno Vieira (Arse 24 – 210 South)
USF Prof Isabel Auler (Arso 23 – 207 South)
USF Francisco Júnior (Arso 41 – 403 South)
USF ASR-SE 75 (712 South)
USF Arse 82 (806 South)
USF Albertino Santos (Arse 101 – 1004 South)
USF Satilo Alves de Sousa (Arso 111 – 1103 South)
USF Valéria Martins Pereira (Arse 122 – 1206 South)
USF Héder de Oliveira Silva (Arse 131 – 1304 South)
USF Alto Bonito (Jardim Aureny IV)
USF Novo Horizonte (Jardim Aureny IV)
USF Laurides Lima Milhomem (Jardim Aureny III)
USF Liberdade (Jardim Aureny III)
USF Eugênio Pinheiro da Silva (Jardim Aureny I)
USF José Lúcio Carvalho (Lago Sul)
USF Taquari
USF Santa Fe
USF Morada do Sol
USF Santa Barbara
USF José Hermes Rodrigues Damaso (South Sector)
USF Walterly Wagner José Ribeiro (Taquaruçu Grande) – only on Thursdays
USF Mariazinha Rodrigues da Silva (Buritirana)
USF Walter Pereira Morato (Taquaruçu)

Text:Annady Borges – intern under the supervision of the Semus Journalism Coordination

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