Taylor Swift’s first concert in Rio de Janeiro has more than a thousand fainting spells and reports of fan death


American Taylor Swift’s first show in Rio de Janeiro, this Friday, the 17th, was marked by strong heat at the Nilton Santos Stadium, Engenhão.

Information circulating on social media states that fan Ana Benevides, 23 years old, from Sonora, Mato Grosso, died after suffering a cardiac arrest. According to reports from fans, the organization banned water bottles from entering the event and the strong heat made many people feel sick.

Taylor Swift’s long-awaited show at the Nilton Santos Stadium, in Rio de Janeiro, was marked by a tragedy that shook the fans present. More than 1,000 people fainted throughout the day, amid the high temperatures, and a young woman identified as Ana Benevides succumbed to cardiac arrest during the singer’s performance. The DC sought information from the event’s producer, T4F, which at the time of publication had not commented on the incident.

Weather Conditions and Tragedy:

  • Mass fainting: According to the RJ Fire Department, more than 1,000 fans fainted throughout the day while waiting for Taylor Swift’s show and during the performance. High temperatures were cited as the cause of the incidents.
  • Death of Ana Benevides: According to fans on social media, fan Ana Benevides, 23 years old and a psychology student at UFR, fainted during the first songs of the show and was taken to an on-site service station. Despite attempts at resuscitation by doctors, she did not survive, causing consternation among those present.

Reactions and Conditions on Site:

  • Request for Help during the Show: During the performance, Taylor Swift interrupted the performance when she noticed fans feeling sick, asking the production team to bring water to the place. Fans reported difficulty obtaining water at the stadium, as the organization did not allow liquids to enter.
  • Commotion on Social Media: On social media, friends of Ana Benevides expressed sadness over her early departure. Thiago Guito, a friend of the young woman, mourned the loss and shared emotional memories.
  • Climatic Conditions and Organization: Even in the face of intense heat, T4F did not allow water to enter the performance venue, which caused discomfort among fans. Some reported the need to buy water at the stadium, while others were looking for alternatives to alleviate the heat.

Tour History and Emotional Farewell:

  • Return After 11 Years: After 11 years without performing in Brazil, Taylor Swift returned with “The Eras Tour”, delighting fans who eagerly awaited the opportunity to see her live.
  • Capacity and Quick Depletion: With a 17-year career, the singer had her first batch of tickets sold out in 37 minutes for shows in Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo, highlighting the enormous demand for her shows.
  • Farewell to Sabrina Carpenter: The opening of the show was by Sabrina Carpenter, who, in a 30-minute presentation, won over the audience with words in Portuguese and declared her love for the city at the end of her participation.

Emotional Messages and Closing:

  • Thanks for the Support: Amid the heat and euphoria of the fans, Taylor Swift thanked the public for their presence despite the adverse weather conditions and in front of the hotel.
  • Epic Closing: At the end of the show, the pop star ended the unforgettable night by thanking us for the moments shared and declaring her love in Portuguese. A unique and exciting experience for Rio’s “swifties”.

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