Vaccination certificate is mandatory for school enrollment

Presentation of the vaccination certificate is mandatory upon registration, in Goiás (Photo: SES)

With the arrival of the period for requesting enrollment in the state education network, the Government of Goiás reinforces the need to present the vaccination certificate. The document must be submitted by parents or guardians at the time of registration.

The model is available on the websites of the State Department of Health and the State Department of Education. It is mandatory for children and adolescents up to 18 years of age, according to Law 22,243, sanctioned by Governor Ronaldo Caiado in August this year.

“The parent or guardian must print this certificate and take it to a health unit, together with the child or adolescent, to check the child’s vaccination status. If she has the full card, it will be noted on this certificate, stamped and signed by the health professional. The father must bring the vaccination certificate to enroll his child. It applies to both public and private schools”, explains the superintendent of Health Surveillance at SES, Flúvia Amorim.

Vaccination certificate

The objective is to guarantee the application of vaccines recommended by the National Immunization Program (PNI). If there is no vaccine available, information about shortages will be included, as an alert for parents to return to the clinic later.

“With high vaccination coverage, we prevent diseases such as infantile paralysis from returning to our country or our state, from having outbreaks of diseases such as mumps, cases of diphtheria and tetanus, diseases that have already been controlled and may return”, he lists .

According to the Secretary of State for Education, Fátima Gavioli, the requirement will serve as a warning not only for the school community, but for society in general.

“If parents and/or guardians do not provide proof, they will be instructed to regularize the vaccination document within a period of up to 30 days”, he advises.

The registration request period began this week, on the website The result will be available from December 11th, the date from which admission to the school unit must take place.

Department of Health – Government of Goiás

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