Gaza returnee said he wanted to “blow up buses” in Israel

Gaza returnee said he wanted to “blow up buses” in Israel
Gaza returnee said he wanted to “blow up buses” in Israel

Palestinian-Brazilian Hasan Rabee made the post on his Instagram profile in 2015, but later deleted it

One of the 32 repatriated by the Brazilian government from the Gaza Strip your Instagram profile a publication in which he suggested supporting the carrying out of a terrorist attack against Israel.

Hasan Rabee, a Palestinian with Brazilian citizenship, had published a post in 2015 in which he said he did not want violence, but that this would be the “Right time to blow up buses” on Israeli territory. At the time, Gaza was recovering from a conflict with Israel in 2014 that left at least 2,251 dead in the 50 days of the Israel Defense Forces’ Protective Edge operation.

In an interview on Tuesday (14.Nov.2023) with National Newspaperfrom the TV Globo, Hasan said he did not remember the specific publication, but that it may have been made by “anger”.

“I am not in favor of any violence. I am in favor of conversation, always”, declared.


Hasan lives in São Paulo, but had gone to the Gaza Strip to attend his sister’s wedding. He ended up being unable to leave the place after the war between Israel and Hamas began on October 7.

On October 20, the Brazilian Embassy in Palestine confirmed that a cousin of Hasan He lost his wife, children and grandchildren in one of the bombings carried out by Israel in northern Gaza.

On Friday (10.nov), as he left Gaza towards the Rafah border post, he published a video in which he appears saying goodbye to family members. He also declared that he was waiting for a new list of those authorized to leave the region that would include relatives of those who left in the 1st wave.

Upon arrival in Brazil on Monday night (Nov 14), he said that Israel is carrying out a “massacre” in the Gaza region.

“What is happening there, in fact, is a massacre. It’s difficult for all of you to understand what we went through there. The bombs falling everywhere, my daughters were very shocked there. Very sad”he told journalists.

“We stayed there for 37 days. It was a lot of suffering. Sometimes we even went hungry and thirsty. I would like to thank the Brazilian Embassy, [que] gave us a lot of support, food and resources to buy food”he stated.

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