Senators and deputies think that the Council will end the federative pact


Deputies and senators react to the creation, in the tax reform, of a Federative Council to control and distribute taxes such as IBS, the combination of municipal ISS and ICMS. For parliamentarians, it is the Lula government usurping the powers of the Legislative Branch. Representative Evair Melo (PP-ES) sees the end of the Federative Pact: “We are seeing, agenda after agenda, the government dismantle the Constitution and transform the democratic regime into a communist state”, he stated.

For Jorge Seif (PL-SC), states and municipalities will be “subjugated to a council that will be used politically to enslave them”.

“Governors and mayors will have to ask the government for their blessing”, says the senator from Santa Catarina. “This Reform was to serve lobbies.”

Senator Magno Malta (PL-ES) identified Petita’s inspiration: “Hugo Chávez also approved this in Venezuela, which is experiencing this disgrace”.

For Malta, the Brazilian Senate approved “the consolidation of the communist regime” and not a tax reform.

Company is target of CPI

Italian state-owned company manages Enel-SP remotely

The target of criticism and investigated by the CPI of Enel, of the São Paulo Assembly, due to last week’s blackout, the energy distributor of the largest city on the continent is trying its own poison: the management model of the Italian state-owned company of the same name, which acquired control of the former Eletropaulo. Italian state management is inefficient, centralizing Enel de São Paulo’s operational and strategic decisions in Rome, and denying autonomy to Brazilian president Max Lins.

Since taking over the company, the Italians have not adapted to Brazil and underestimated regulation and investment needs.

The choice of Pernambuco native Max Xavier Lins, in 2018, went down well in the electricity sector, where he has a positive concept, but his hands are tied.

Lins has had little luck: on the day scheduled for his testimony at the CPI, a strange blackout made the atmosphere even more hostile among deputies.

Power without shame

On the boom

In the “Direct Now” campaign in 1983, celebrities joined the cause without any problems. Except Pelé, who remained reticent until he suddenly declared support. It was shortly after then-president João Figueiredo invited Xuxa, with whom Pelé had fought, to visit Planalto. Governor of Minas, Tancredo Neves tried to understand the “king’s” defensive behavior: “Wow, is Pelé now playing in goal?”

Received with pomp by Lula and raised to fame by the activist media, Hasan Rabee praised terrorist acts on social media. In one post, he said he thought it was “the right time to blow up buses in Israel.”

The attitude of the government of ex-convict Lula (PT) of not firing any of the characters caught laying out the red carpet for the “first lady of drug trafficking” at the Ministry of Justice and the Ministry of Human Rights is impressive, but not surprising.

“DF has the lowest illiteracy rate in the country. This demonstrates that our investments and commitment to education are bringing results and remain strong”, said vice-governor Celina Leão.

Lula did not fire Flávio Dino, who does not care about “drug lady” meetings in his office, nor did he resign to preserve the president and the government. Perhaps because there is nothing left to preserve.

Quote of the day

“Brazil is small compared to the civilized world”

Senator Carlos Viana (Pode-MG) on Lula attacking Israel and making Brazil smaller

The “drug lady” tour of the Ministry of Justice gave Flávio Dino headaches. After 24 hours of the tour, the Chamber accumulated four requests for information and seven requests to summon the minister.

Asked if her husband Geraldo Alckmin (PSB) will be able to run for president of the Republic, second lady Lu Alckmin preferred to stay on the fence: “It’s living in the present”, she said, avoiding the future.

President Lula continues to ignore the Israel-Hamas conflict. The Brazilian Israeli Confederation countered the speech that equated the country with terrorists. He classified the blunder as “misguided and dangerous”.

Marina Silva (Environment) will be questioned next week by the CPI of NGOs. Senators want to hear from the minister about the actions of rogue non-governmental organizations in the Amazon region.

…a “very important” reform in Brazil without a holiday is not a reform.

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