Inhumanity and horror in the sentences of Brazilian journalists about the massacre in Palestine

Inhumanity and horror in the sentences of Brazilian journalists about the massacre in Palestine
Inhumanity and horror in the sentences of Brazilian journalists about the massacre in Palestine

The images showing the invasion by Israeli forces of the Shifa hospital, the largest in Gaza, clearly reveal the growing terror installed by the Zionist government of Benjamin Netanyahu in the Palestinian territory.

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In just over a month of incessant attacks, the death toll in Gaza reached 11,360 this Wednesday (15), according to the Ministry of Health. Of the bodies slaughtered by the Zionists, 4,609 were children, 678 were elderly and 3, 1 thousand women. Another 3,250 residents, including 2,700 children, are missing. Most likely under the rubble.

In the West Bank, governed by Fatah – an opponent of Hamas -, Israel has already killed 180 Palestinians.

As if the scenes of terror, as well translated by President Lula, and the growing number of victims were not enough, Brazilian journalists who work in the liberal media – clearly linked to the Zionists – stage a true horror show by translating the Palestinian genocide into sentences that border on barbarity and inhumanity.

Caio Blinder, strident voice of the fascist Manhattan Connection – which should return to the air -, celebrated on the networks that “Israeli forces have already entered the Al Shifa hospital, filled with patients, refugees and Hamas terrorists”.

Without the slightest sense of empathy, the journalist had already celebrated the United States’ sole veto of the resolution presented by the Lula government at the UN Security Council for a humanitarian pause in Gaza.

Blinder also incited Zionists to threaten Jewish journalist Breno Altman, founder of the website Ópera Mundi and a voice critical of Israel’s actions.

“As disgusting as the moral detritus written by Kapo Altman is the fact that so many people express solidarity. To be clear, he is not a journalist, he is a kapo,” he wrote Caio Blinder on the networks, classifying Altman with the term used to identify Jews who served as Nazi agents in concentration camps.

“War with a bias in the blood”

The daily dose of cruelty in the coverage of the Palestinian genocide in the Brazilian liberal media – almost always on Rede Globo screens – was fed by journalist Camila Bomfim this Tuesday (14), from GloboNews, when analyzing Lula’s speech at the group’s reception of repatriated Brazilian-Palestinians.

On that occasion, President Lula equated the terrorist acts of the Israeli Army, cruelly killing women and children, to the action of Hamas on October 7th.

“What happens with Lula’s speech when he compares, puts Hamas and Israel on the same level, on an equal footing: experts in International Law say that in addition to being different things, you cannot analyze the war with a bias towards blood that is shed,” said Camila Bomfimon GloboNews.

In support, the journalist says she expects “a qualified debate” from Lula.

“The moment you equate a terrorist group with a State, no matter how much you criticize that State’s reaction to the terrorist group, you are already making a mistake from the start. And you are making a mistake out of radicalism”, he added.

Camila Bomfim’s speech is echoed in a statement by GloboNews colleague Monica Waldvogel, who linked Hamas to the PT, was defended by Globo and, denied, had to make a mea culpa on social media – where the reach is infinitely smaller than that of public concessions administered by the Marinho family.

“One of the points that drew attention was the fact that the Brazilian government tried not to mention the name of the Hamas group. There are relations on the part of the Workers’ Party, which are seen as resistance, due to the fact that there are no negotiations to offer the better status for Palestine,” said Monica Waldvogel shortly after the Hamas action, on October 7th.

In a long note, Globo supported the journalist: “Mônica Waldvogel will reiterate that she referred, not to the PT as a whole, but to a manifesto signed, in 2021, by representatives of the party”, stated the broadcaster.

In the text, Globo lists the names of PT deputies who supported a letter that contradicts the label of “terrorist organization” for Hamas, which is adopted by the liberal media and rejected by the United Nations – a resolution that is followed by the Brazilian government.

Echoes of prejudice

The phrases of journalists from the Globo group about the genocidal action in Palestine still reflect the inhumane and prejudiced treatment of the most marginalized and poorest sections of Brazil itself.

At Jornal da Globo – which once had William Waak in charge, who was fired for racist remarks -, Renata Lo Prete called into question the count of those killed in the Palestinian territory and made an absurd list to justify the large number of children murdered by the Israeli Army.

“Why are so many children dead? A structural fact is the especially young demography in the Gaza Strip (…) The age pyramid is like this due to a high birth rate in itself and also in comparison with other countries in the Middle East, 3.9 children per woman in average,” he said. Renata Lo Prete.

To justify the deaths of children, the presenter of Globo’s nightly news program uses the same eugenicist argument as the fascist ultra-right to attack social projects in Brazil: that poor people, like Palestinian women, have many children.

“This argument is used by Zionists to deny genocide and ethnic cleansing. ‘If there was ethnic cleansing, why did the population grow?’”, commented the Palestinian Arab Federation, Fepal, on social media.

Anchor Erick Bang, from GloboNews, stated on October 28 that the scenario of total destruction in the Gaza Strip is “perfect” for Hamas to hide and attack Israel by surprise. The statement, as could not be otherwise, went viral on social media.

“In Gaza, the scene is one of a lot of destruction. The buildings are in ruins and are a perfect setting for Hamas terrorists to hide and attack by surprise,” he declared. Eric Bang.

“For Israel, this incursion is necessary. Tactical objectives, such as rescuing hostages or destroying specific Hamas targets”, he said, “forgetting” that Israel’s attacks in Gaza have already hit a hospital and an area close to another, which resulted in the death of hundreds of innocent civilians.

“During the deployment of these troops from Israel, Hamas can use the alleys and alleys of Gaza as routes for terrorists to ambush, for example, surrounding the Israelis,” continued Bang, maintaining his theory that for Hamas the tragedy is strategic.

Punctual inhumanity

However, one of the main spokespeople for the inhumanity of the genocide is Jorge Pontual, the station’s New York correspondent.

During the GloboNews program “Em Pauta”, on the night of October 13, Jorge Pontual supported the Israeli attacks on ambulances and hospitals in Gaza.

“Attacking Hamas terrorists is a right that Israel has. If they were in an ambulance, unfortunately that was what Israel had to do: target its enemies,” said Jorge Pontual cruelly.

Faced with widespread rejection, Pontual released a note on his Instagram profile – with an infinitely smaller reach than that of Globo.

“When commenting on the attack on an ambulance in the Gaza Strip, my intention was to give Israel’s version. I admit that I was not happy, as for many it seemed like an endorsement. That would be impossible, no one has reliable information about what was going on there. passes”, he argued, repeating the Israeli litany about news coming from Palestinian territory.

Days before the comment about the attack on ambulances, Pontual propagated the biggest lie proliferated about the war so far, that Hamas had beheaded 40 babies.

“Horror for everyone, not just Americans and Israelis, faced with this monstrosity that Hamas created in Israel: it is worse than terrorism when you decapitate babies”, said the Globo journalist about the information that was not confirmed even by the Israel Defense Forces.

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