Pedro Campos fulfills schedules in the rural and hinterland of Pernambuco

Photo: Lula Carneiro

PETROLINA – Between the 10th and 13th of November, federal deputy Pedro Campos completed an extensive agenda in the countryside and backlands of Pernambuco. At an intense pace, the parliamentarian visited the cities of Sertânia, Arcoverde, Quixaba, Iguaracy, Ingazeira, Serra Talhada, Araripina, Salgueiro and Petrolina. “We continue on the air bridge, between Brasília and Pernambuco, listening to our people to bring the real needs of our people to the Chamber of Deputies”, he stated.

Last Monday(13), the parliamentarian accompanied the visit of the Minister of Ports and Airports, Sílvio Costa Filho, to Petrolina. Alongside the mayor of Petrolina, Simão Durando, and the city’s former mayor, Miguel Coelho, investments in the order of R$60 million were announced for new works at the city’s airport.

“The initiative strengthens Pernambuco, by making investments in infrastructure that enhance local productive arrangements. The initiative will enable the transit of cargo planes to transport our fruit production to the world,” he said. The works will generate more than 200 direct and indirect jobs.

In Sertânia, the parliamentarian was with mayor Ângelo Ferreira and city councilors Paulo Henrique Ferreira, Fiapo, Washington Passos, Marinho do bus, Tadeu Queiroz, Rita Rodrigues, Edmundo José and Niltinho Sousa. The group inspected the works of the Specialized Rehabilitation Center (CER), SUS equipment aimed at the health of People with Disabilities. The CER concentrates professionals and specific resources to meet the individual needs of each person with disabilities, whether physical, sensory, intellectual or multiple.

“We do politics together. This CER, which is so important for the population of Sertânia, is being built by the city hall, with an amendment appeal from deputy Diogo Moraes. Here we are committed to allocating resources from parliamentary amendments to contribute to equipment and part of the cost. We need to strengthen and expand public policies that support people with disabilities,” he concluded.

The parliamentarian is at the forefront of expanding CERs in the country. The Committee on Persons with Disabilities welcomed the deputy’s suggestion of an amendment to the Budget Guidelines Bill, which includes the expansion of CERs as a priority goal, which includes the budget forecast for the construction of an additional 100 CERs. “Brazil has more than 5,500 municipalities and only 299 CERs. It is urgent and necessary to expand this network, which exists within the Unified Health System, to expand access to various therapies and treatments aimed at PWDs”, stated the parliamentarian.

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