Weather forecast: Minas Gerais may have rain this Wednesday, but heat continues

Weather forecast: Minas Gerais may have rain this Wednesday, but heat continues
Weather forecast: Minas Gerais may have rain this Wednesday, but heat continues

This Wednesday (15), the holiday of the Proclamation of the Republic, the forecast indicates that the day will be clear to partly cloudy, with high temperatures, dry weather and the possibility of rapid showers in the late afternoon and early evening in Belo Horizonte.

The minimum temperature was 22 °C. The estimated maximum is 38 °C. Yesterday, the capital recorded 37.9°C, which was considered the highest temperature of the month so far. On Monday (13), thermometers reached 37.3°C, and on Sunday (12), 36.1°C.

Minimum relative humidity is around 20% in the afternoon. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), the ideal level for the human body is between 40% and 70%.

In Minas

According to the National Institute of Meteorology (Inmet), there is also a forecast of isolated precipitation in the center-south and west of the state. However, the agency warns that the heat wave persists in Minas.

“The availability of moisture at medium levels of the atmosphere, combined with the circulation of winds at high levels of the atmosphere, favors the occurrence of isolated and temporary rains in the previously mentioned sectors. It should be noted that these rains will not be enough to alleviate the heat”, said the Inmet statement.

As a result, the sky should be partially cloudy with dry fog in the afternoon and the possibility of rain showers and isolated thunderstorms at night in the Northwest, South/Southwest, West, Triangulo Mineiro/Alto Paranaíba, Campo das Vertentes and Zona da Mata. In other regions, the day should be clear with dry fog in the afternoon. Thermometers can reach 43ºC in the North and in the Jequitinhonha Valley.

The tendency is that from next Sunday, rain showers will occur again in a more widespread way in Minas Gerais.

Heat wave

The high temperatures are due to a heat wave that hits much of Brazil. The phenomenon placed 853 municipalities in Minas Gerais on red alert (great danger). According to Inmet, high temperatures can pose a health risk. The heat wave is expected to last until next weekend.

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