Find out how to protect your pet in the heat – 11/15/2023 – Good for Dogs

Find out how to protect your pet in the heat – 11/15/2023 – Good for Dogs
Find out how to protect your pet in the heat – 11/15/2023 – Good for Dogs

Extreme heat, with record-breaking temperatures, also poses a health threat to pets.

Carla Berl, veterinarian and founder of Pet Care, remembers that keeping your furry friend hydrated, with fresh water always available, is essential.

She states that walks at hotter times of the day increase the risk of hyperthermia and warns: never leave your dog alone in the car, even with the window open and for a short time.

See tips to protect your pet in the heat:

fresh water

The owner must offer fresh water frequently during walks and leave several pots available around the house. The veterinarian recommends using aluminum or ceramic pots and recommends adding ice to the water to keep it cold for longer.

Carla explains that dogs don’t sweat like we do. They regulate their body temperature by breathing in cold air and exhaling warm air when they are panting, exchanging heat through their skin when they touch their belly to the cold ground, and drinking water. Therefore, hydration is essential.

Bath and fan

Bathing, playing with water, fan and air conditioning are also allies to cool the pet.

Tour times x hyperthermia

In high temperatures, tour times may need to be adjusted. The owner should prefer to take the dog out early in the morning and at night.

The veterinarian states that between 10 am and 5 pm there is a risk of hyperthermia, that is, the dog’s body temperature rising above normal. If this happens, take the animal to the shade or give it a cool bath and offer fresh water until it recovers.

Burning on the cushions

For a more pleasant walk, take advantage of the shade along the way. To do this, the ideal is to prioritize wooded and grassy areas.

With the hot ground, the animal can burn its pads (the pads of its paws), an injury is painful.

When in doubt, always place your hand on the ground before riding to test the temperature. If it’s hot for you, it’s hot for him.


Against burns and to prevent skin cancer, sunscreen. The product should be applied, above all, to light-colored and short-haired pets, in sensitive areas such as ears, on the top of the snout and belly.

There are products suitable for animals — human sunscreen is not recommended. When in doubt, consult your veterinarian.


Carla warns about the use of chokeholds. According to her, this is one of the biggest causes of dog death in the summer.

It is necessary to pay attention to the pressure that the collar puts on the animal’s neck. This is because if he cannot breathe properly, he can quickly go into hyperthermia.

Locked in the car, no way

If you can’t take your pet with you, leave it at home or at a daycare, but never alone in the car, even with the window open and just for a few minutes, says the veterinarian.

She exemplifies: in just 20 minutes, the temperature inside a car can rise from 22ºC to 42ºC.

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With vaccines and free from fleas and ticks

Keeping vaccinations up to date is part of the routine to maintain your pet’s health.

With heat and the possibility of rain showers and flooding, the chance of transmitting leptospirosis, a disease caused by bacteria present in rat urine, which is most often fatal, increases. The disease, however, can be prevented with a vaccine.

Heartworm disease (a disease known as heartworm) and leishmaniasis are also concerns. Protection, in these cases, can be done with medication and a collar — consult your veterinarian in advance of your trip.

However, among the precautions during times of high temperatures, deworming and medications against fleas and ticks cannot be missing, which must also be administered under the guidance of a professional.

Are you going to travel?

Remember to offer fresh water regularly and keep the car temperature cool, preferably with the air conditioning on.

Head out of the car? It cannot. Dogs love it, but in addition to the risk of the pet falling or jumping out of the window, an object or insect can get into the animal’s eyes, causing irritation and even blindness.

For car trips, there are rules for transporting the animal safely, with a fine in case of non-compliance. If you are traveling by plane, check in advance the preparation and documentation required by the airline or country of destination. And always keep the animal identified.

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