Opportunity! Resort of Santa Catarina opens 70 job vacancies; selection will be in Curitiba


Interviews will be held at Espaço do Trabalhador Curitibano, on Rua da Cidadania Pinheirinho – room 16

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November 15, 2023 at 11:49 am

The Social Action Foundation (FAS), in partnership with Costão do Santinho Resort and Agnes RH, will promote two selection processes for hiring workers, this Thursday (16), in Curitiba. There will be 100 job openings for the roles of waiter and kitchen assistant, 70 of which will work at the hotel in Santa Catarina and the rest for the Madalosso Restaurant, in Curitiba.

Costão do Santinho, in Florianópolis (SC), is looking for professionals for the roles of waiter and kitchen assistant. The company does not require experience and the minimum level of education is incomplete primary education.

Resort is in Florianópolis. Photo: Disclosure

The interviews will be held at Espaço do Trabalhador Curitibano, at Rua da Cidadania Pinheirinho – room 16 (Av. Winston Churchill, 2033).

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Another opportunity for workers is the selection process that will be carried out by Agnes RH, this time at Rua da Cidadania Santa Felicidade – Sala Liceu de Ofícios (Rua Santa Bertila Boscardin, 213).

30 vacancies will also be offered for the role of kitchen assistant. Candidates must have at least completed primary education.

The two selection processes will be carried out from 9am to 4pm, but tickets for attendance will be distributed until 2pm.

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