Convicted for death of Amazonas police officer is arrested in the interior of Roraima

Photo: Disclosure/PCRR

An investigation by the Civil Police of Roraima carried out by agents from the SIOP (Investigation and Operations Section) of the Rorainópolis Police Station, resulted in the location and arrest, on the afternoon of this Tuesday, 14th, of the caretaker AMAF, aged 39, convicted and on the run. of the Justice of Roraima for having participated in the death of the delegate from Amazonas, Ildo Trevisan, which occurred in 2008.

According to information provided by the chief delegate of Rorainópolis, Cid Guimarães, the action took place in an integrated manner with police officers from the 9th DIP (Integrated Police District) of Manaus.

“Deputy Fabiano Rosas received a report that the fugitive was in Manaus and, after some investigations, became aware that he was traveling to Roraima. The delegate made contact with the Rorainópolis team and we began gathering information and taking steps in the municipality, then locating the fugitive and arresting him”, he detailed.

In 2008, police chief Ildo Trevisan was in the São João da Baliza region, where he was trading cattle and was murdered by four men who hid his body on a farm. The investigations identified the AMAF caretaker as the person who helped hide the body. He was sentenced to five years and four months in prison, in a semi-open regime.

With his arrest for the murder, the Rorainópolis police officers served another arrest warrant, this time preventive, against the fugitive, for the crime of robbery, which occurred in 2016.

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