Expoferr: health inspection ensures good practices in food marketing

The objective is to ensure that the food sold does not harm people’s health. – Photos: Brenda Lima

The Expoferr Show 2023 began and with the largest agroindustry fair in the State, the possibility of starting a business in the gastronomy sector.

Given the large presence of the public, Sesau (Secretariat of Health), through the General Coordination of Health Surveillance, is carrying out inspection actions with traders and street vendors who are selling food, to ensure food safety for visitors.

“We will be here every night monitoring […] so that we can guarantee that these foods will not cause any harm to anyone’s health. We have a large flow of people on these days and it is important that those who are serving, who are preparing food, comply with what is established in health legislation”, highlighted the health inspector of the Sesau Health Surveillance Department, Maria Conceição Salles.

In addition to the visitors to Dandãezinho Park, the venue for the Expoferr Show 2023, traders also benefit from the presence of Health Surveillance. Entrepreneur Lana Mylly sees the Roraima Government’s intention to promote food security for event visitors as positive.

“We always really value the work of surveillance because it is extremely important work to know if everything is ok, if they are hygienic, if they are using caps… here in our tent we make a point of following all the guidelines that are given to us. people,” he declared.

The event

Held by the Government of Roraima in partnership with the Agriculture Federation of the State of Roraima, Expoferr Show 2023 is the biggest agribusiness event in Roraima and continues until Saturday, the 18th.

More than 93 thousand m² of infrastructure has already been set up in Dandãezinho, where the Expoferr Show is held, an event that enables the generation of business and direct and indirect jobs. An average of 80 thousand visitors per day is estimated.

The public will be able to experience squares with gastronomic diversity, innovative ideas, creative economy, family farming, agro route, little farm, international business, legal security, imports, fishing and aquaculture, technological showcases, genetic improvement, sales of vehicles and products, among others possibilities.

Victoria Teixeira

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