See the holiday weather forecast before the cold front arrives

See the holiday weather forecast before the cold front arrives
See the holiday weather forecast before the cold front arrives

A weather forecast in Campinas for Wednesday (15), holiday of the Proclamation of the Republicit’s from predominance of sun and heat for most of the day, but the sky should be “partly cloudy in the afternoon and evening”. The forecast is Cepagri (Center for Meteorological and Climate Research Applied to Agriculture) at Unicampwhat Do not rule out the chance of rain showers.

“The greater availability of water vapor and moderate thermodynamic instability should favor the occurrence of rain showers, with greater probabilities compared to Tuesday (14), which could culminate in storms as well. To the temperatures are between 22°C and 37°C”, describes the bulletin, which still does not indicate a drop in temperatures in the municipality or in the region.

Yesterday, Campinas beat the heat record in the year for the second day in a row. You thermometers at Ciiagro (Integrated Center for Agrometeorological Information) in Taquaral registered 39.1°C at 2:20 p.m. One day earlier, the city recorded 38.6°C. To the thermal sensationshowever, were greater in recent days and reached 42°C in street thermometers spread across several neighborhoods.

The cold front

Still according to the Cepagrifor Thursday (16) temperatures should be between 24°C and 37°C and more cloudiness and rain showers and storms from the afternoon. “The expectation of more significant and widespread rains continues and drop in temperatures over the weekend”he adds, citing the relief in the “heat” after the arrival of a cold front in the region.

O sultry weather should start to lose strength in Friday (17)but weakens further in the Saturday (18). “It is outside the meteorological operational horizon, but we have Indications of a cold frontwhich should cause rain between Saturday and Sunday (19)with more expressive volumes and more widespread rains too”, details the center’s meteorologist, Bruno Bainy.

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