Dino will extend National Force in Rio de Janeiro until January


The Minister of Justice, Flávio Dino, said on his social networks that he will extend the presence of the National Public Security Force in Rio de Janeiro at least until January 2024, when a new scenario assessment will indicate until when the teams will help in actions against criminal organizations – especially against militias operating in the state.

The governor of Rio de Janeiro, Cláudio Castro (PL), has asked for federal help to maintain cooperation between federal and state forces, especially for patrolling in areas of greater risk. Federal aid also covers strengthening security in Guanabara Bay, at ports, airports and on federal roads to combat the entry of weapons and drugs into the state.

National problem

According to the governor, the actions of these criminal organizations are no longer just a problem in Rio de Janeiro, but in Brazil.

“There are no longer specific criminal organizations that are here, they are there. No. Today there are true mafias spread throughout Brazil: Rio de Janeiro, São Paulo, Ceará, Bahia, Rio Grande do Norte. We are seeing this spread every day”, said Castro in October, when the federal government announced the reinforcement of troops, after militia groups set fire to 35 buses and a train in the capital of Rio de Janeiro.

Even before this criminal action, the federal government had already mobilized 550 federal agents to work in the state, 300 from the National Force and 250 from the Federal Highway Police (PRF). The intelligence and investigation sector of the Federal Police (PF) was also reinforced with civil police officers from different federative units, under the coordination of the ministry.

Contacted by Brazil Agencythe Ministry of Justice’s press office informed that the extension announced today by Dino should be published in the next Official Gazette of the Union.

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