StandWithUs Brasil criticizes Lula for false equivalences between Israel and Hamas

StandWithUs Brasil criticizes Lula for false equivalences between Israel and Hamas
StandWithUs Brasil criticizes Lula for false equivalences between Israel and Hamas

A StandWithUs Brazilan educational institution about Israel chaired by political scientist André Lajst, lamented this Tuesday, 14th, the “false equivalences” made by Lula in his “quite serious” accusations against the country.

“The Brazilian president continues to equate Israel, a democratic State, with a terrorist group with openly genocidal intentions that massacred around 1,200 people – including three Brazilians – and kidnapped more than 240 people.

The Jewish State has sought to observe the rules of international humanitarian law. It is precisely for this reason that it has warned civilians in the Gaza Strip in advance where the bombings will take place so that they can move. Military operations have been concentrated mainly in the north of the territory.

Since November 5, Israel has been opening corridors for civilians to evacuate conflict zones and taking humanitarian breaks. There are numerous reports, however, that Hamas has prevented these civilians from moving and even confiscated some of the aid sent.

In every war, even with all international laws being complied with, unfortunately, there will be civilian casualties. But there is a big difference between situations like these and the deliberate and cruel attack on civilians, as Hamas did on October 7th.”says the note signed by Lajst.

According to him, “What we have is a State defending itself against barbaric acts perpetrated by a terrorist group”.

“In fact, according to the UN Security Council’s own definition of terrorism, which Brazil observes, Israel’s actions cannot be considered as such, unlike Hamas. The Brazilian president even recognizes that the group committed terrorist acts on 10/7 in Israel, but refuses to classify it as terrorist.

We are happy to know that the Brazilians managed to get out safely and we hope that this war ends soon so that all civilians – Palestinians, Israelis and foreigners who are there – are protected and can live in peace.

For this to happen, however, it is essential that Hamas releases the approximately 240 hostages that were kidnapped in the brutal attacks on 10/7 and gives up its objective of destroying Israel.

All lives lost in this conflict are of equal value, Palestinian and Israeli, and it is regrettable that so many innocent civilians are dying. Precisely because of this, it is necessary to correctly understand the causes of this tragedy and those truly responsible for it.”

The article is in Portuguese


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