BA city hall pays for transvaginal exam for men

Envelope containing complaints was posted in the first half of August in another city in Western Bahia – Photo: Reproduction

The Municipal Health Department of Formosa do Rio Preto, in Bahia, paid for exams exclusively for women for men. The transvaginal examination carried out on men was included in a complaint posted via post at the beginning of August this year, addressed to the editor of Portal do Cerrado (see photo above). In addition to transvaginal, which is medical ultrasound that applies an ultrasound transducer to the vagina to visualize female organs within the pelvic cavity, there are also other elements of complaints.

Transvaginal exam model – Image/Reproduction/Internet

For example, lists with names of patients who supposedly have repeated the same exams several months in a row and have cost public money, paid to carry out the procedure. Furthermore, doctors who provide services to the Municipal Health Department, whether hired or in management positions, still work in a private clinic accredited by the municipality, which, in theory, is contrary to the law.

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It appears that on July 7 and September 16, 2022, according to the complaint, the same 60 patients were treated, that is, the same list with the same names and the same sequence. On July 7, a patient named Augusto (surname omitted to preserve the alleged patient’s privacy) strangely underwent the transvaginal ultrasound procedure. On September 16, another patient named Luiz de Tal underwent the same procedure. The company accredited in the municipality, has as its address the neighborhood with the suggestive name of “Penitentiary”, located in the progressive city of Bom Jesus, in the state of Piauí. The allegations are serious, and require that Mayor Manoel Afonso, elected by Senator Otto Alencar’s PSD, should speak out immediately, even more so because this website verified on the Transparency Portal that all payment processes were signed by him after analyzing his Controller General.

When checking the Portal do Cerrado on the website of the TCM/BA (Tribunal de Contas dos Municípios da Bahia), a public access body, it was found that in fact the names of the supposed patients appear in the payment process signed and actually paid by the Administration with Mayor Neo’s signature. It was not possible to ascertain, at least in a preliminary analysis, whether the data had been tampered with or not.

But according to the analysis, there are several male names, much more than the two initially indicated in the content of the complaint sent.

Several male names appear as beneficiaries of transvaginal exams in a document taken from the TCM/BA website – Photo: Reproduction


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Excerpt from a complaint sent to Portal do Cerrado against the Municipal Health Secretary of Formosa do Rio Preto, in Bahia – Photo: Reproduction

Even though the city hall of Formosa do Rio Preto accuses an error in the name of the exam, transrectal ultrasound (used in men and women) is almost not used, in addition, doctors would not, in theory, be qualified to carry it out.

Further on, the complaint indicates payment in the 2022 financial year, of Measurement Worksheets with the list of patients treated that are identical, without any difference, repeated for payment processes in subsequent months. The same names of supposed services appear on different days and months, clearly demonstrating that this list of patients was used irregularly to prove a service, which, in theory, is not being provided to the municipality.

Furthermore, the names on the lists of supposed service provision are repeated, and at most, the name is changed, but the SUS card and personal document numbers remain the same. This irregularity, if confirmed, demonstrates, as can be seen from the text of the complaint, a clear hypothesis of ideological falsehood, which consists of the creation or adulteration of a document, with the purpose of obtaining an illicit advantage in damaging the property of the people of Formosa do Rio Preto in own benefit.

This editor informs, out of respect for its readers, that it will hand over the complaint documents to the competent authorities to carry out the necessary investigations.

There will certainly be other developments in the coming weeks and this website is committed to informing its readers, including any clarifications from the authorities involved. The space remains open to the authorities and also to the general population who wish to provide any information that may contribute to clarifying the facts.

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