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Posted at 11:15 am | 15 Nov 2023 |

RN bench meets to define amendments totaling more than R$800 million

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Deputy Benes Leocádio is the leader of the federal bench of RN

The federal bench of Rio Grande do Norte begins to define the allocation of more than R$800 million in amendments to the 2024 general budget of the Union. The state is entitled to R$316.9 million in bench amendments and a further R$511 .7 million individual amendments from the three senators and eight federal deputies, totaling R$818.8 million.

The leader of the bench, deputy Benes Leocádio (União Brasil), called a meeting for this Thursday, 16th, exactly to discuss the amendments to the Union’s Annual Budget Law (LOA) project in 2024, which will be voted on in the National Congress in December . The meeting will take place at the Hotel Senac Barreira Roxa, in Natal.

The expectation is that parliamentarians will define priorities by listening to the State Government, city halls, higher education institutions, among other public and private entities. Leocádio recalls that the deadline for sending amendments to the Joint Budget Committee ends on the 23rd of this month, hence the need to speed up the process of discussion and definition of amendments.

In principle, it is agreed that road infrastructure works, which are in progress, will be priorities. Deputies and senators must repeat amendments to complete the duplication of Reta Tabajara (BR-304), which should be completed next year. It is also certain that the bench will prioritize the projects of the Estrada da Produção (Serra de Santana – Potengi Region), the Oiticica dam (near completion), in the Seridó region, and the Natal Municipal Hospital.

According to Benes Leocádio, parliamentarians should seek understanding to allocate amendments to other works such as the stretch of Estrada da Produção between Cerro Corá and São Tomé. The president of the bench highlights that Caixa Econômica Federal (CEF) has already transferred R$ 21 million to continuity of the work to the State Government and will now have an additional R$10 million guaranteed by Senator Rogério Marinho (PL).

The Potiguar bench will be able to forward 15 to 20 appropriation amendments, in addition to three relocation amendments, per state bench.

The state bench will have R$316.9 million that can be distributed among amendments with identifier RP-7 (programs with guaranteed execution and proportional contingency). Other schedules must be identified with RP 2 (possible contingencies) when adding expenses.


With the approval of Constitutional Amendment 126/2022, the limit for individual amendments became 2% of the net current revenue (RCL) of the year prior to the project’s forwarding (RCL of 2022), with 1.55% (R$ 19 .4 billion) for amendments by deputies and 0.45% (R$5.6 billion) for those by senators.

In this case, each federal deputy will have R$37,871,585 at their disposal, and each senator will have R$69,634,850 to distribute via amendments. It is worth noting that at least half of the amount allocated to each parliamentarian must be allocated to public health actions and services.


– Individual amendments: R$511.72 million

– Collective amendments: R$ 316.93 million

Potiguar bench


– Zenaide Maia (PSD)

– Styvenson Valentim (Podemos)

– Rogério Marinho (PL)

Chamber of Deputies

– Benes Leocádio (União Brasil)

– Paulinho Freire (União Brasil)

– Natália Bonavides (PT)

– Fernando Mineiro (PT)

– General Girão (PL)

– Sergeant Gonçalves (PL)

– Robinson Faria (PL)

– João Maia (Progressives)

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