Work in commerce on holidays now requires collective agreement


From now on, opening businesses on holidays will require collective bargaining with unions. Ordinance from the Ministry of Labor and Employment – published on Tuesday (14) in Official Diary of the Union – establishes the requirement for workers’ agreement.

According to the ordinance, only street markets will be able to open on holidays without a collective agreement. The measure amends a 2021 ordinance that regulated work in commercial activities.

The National Confederation of Commercial Workers (CNTC) celebrated the measure. For the entity, the ordinance repairs a historical error. “The measure was the result of a collaboration between trade union entities, especially the confederations, who defended, together with the Minister of Labor, Luiz Marinho, the need to repair a historical error that began during Michel Temer’s government, when the legislation that guaranteed the right of commercial workers to negotiate working conditions on holidays”, highlighted the confederation.


Linked to the Central Única dos Trabalhadores (CUT), the National Confederation of Workers in Commerce and Services (Contracs) also praised the ordinance. For the entity’s president, Julimar Roberto, the decision represents a victory for workers against job insecurity.

“This ordinance greatly strengthens collective agreements, which are the most appropriate instrument to guarantee the rights and benefits of commercial workers. We thank Minister Luiz Marinho, the Ministry of Labor, for repairing this error that was so harmful to workers”, stated the president of Contracs.

Força Sindical considers the decision important. “Historic rescue for our category”, commented the president of the Trade Employees Union of Porto Alegre, Nilton Neco. The union is linked to the trade union central.

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