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Entrance to the quilombola community Manzo Ngunzo Kaiango PHOTOGRAPH: Disclosure

The resource proposed by public ministry of Minas Gerais ordered the maintenance of the company’s license suspension Taquaril Mineradora SA Tamisain Serra do Curral, in Belo Horizonte.

The victory in the second instance was three votes to one, handed down by the judges of the Federal Regional Court of the 6th Region (TRF6). In the place where the mining company intends to start the works, the quilombola community lives Manzo Ngunzo Kaiangorecognized by the Fundação Cultural Palmares since 2007.

In 2017was accepted as Intangible Cultural Heritage of the capital of Minas Gerais and, in 2018the State Institute of Historical and Artistic Heritage (Iepha) expanded the group’s recognition to a statewide level.

Prior consultation was not carried out

According to the Federal Public Ministry, the quilombo is made up of 37 families and 182 people. The members were not consulted nor mentioned about the installation of the mining complex.

The MPF took this fact into consideration, in addition to claiming that holding a public hearing in the licensing process does not replace the need for prior consultation, which aims to obtain the consent of a specific people or traditional community.

Threatened tradition

Despite the mining company denying the impact of the project in relation to the community and the environment, the quilombolas feel threatened and disrespected. “We were not invited to participate in these discussions within the Council. We understand that it is a disregard for traditional territories”, says the community leader of Quilombo Manzo, Makota Kidoidale.

The quilombo, located in the neighborhood Santa Efigeniaeast region of the capital, is 3 kilometers from Serra do Curral. It was founded in 1970 and since then has supported social practices and Afro-Brazilian culture, such as samba de roda, maculelê, capoeira and sacred themes.

They fear the loss springs, vegetation and streams that are used in cultural and religious rituals. The mining company’s lawyer says it can to resort of the decision and claims that it is necessary to find a balance between mineral exploration and the “presumption of impact” on the community.

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