Assembly Committee revokes law that created week on parental alienation in RS


The Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology Commission of the Legislative Assembly of Rio Grande do Sul approved, this Tuesday morning (14), the bill (PL) 72/2023, which revokes the State Awareness Week on Parental Alienation and State Parental Alienation Awareness Day. As this is a matter relating to commemorative dates and the official State calendar, the revocation by the commission is conclusive and will be sanctioned by Governor Eduardo Leite, without the need to go through the Plenary.

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Authored by deputy Luciana Genro (PSol), the PL is based on the recent recommendation of the National Health Council to the National Congress for the repeal of the Parental Alienation Law and, also, for the withdrawal from processing of the project that aims to change its text. According to the Council, the materials harm women and children, benefiting only men, even when they are aggressors or abusers of the mother or children.

“There is no scientific recognition of the concept of parental alienation, there is no basis for it. It is absurd that this law remains in force, even more so because it harms mothers and children who are victims of violence, being an obstacle that makes it even more difficult for women to report their abusers”, said deputy Luciana Genro.

The revocation proposal came from the PSOL deputy councilor in Porto Alegre, Aline Kerber, who forwarded the same proposal at municipal level. Aline’s argument is that the revocation of the dates is necessary to value science and research on the topic, since there is nothing to raise awareness and propagate when parental alienation would not be a valid concept and, on the other hand, contributes for the violation of the human rights of women and girls.

Luciana Genro also points out that there is already a provision for the total safety of children and the non-alienation of one parent by the other in the Child and Adolescent Statute (ECA), which makes the existence of a parental alienation law unnecessary.

The matter received a favorable opinion from deputy Miguel Rossetto (PT), on the Constitution and Justice Committee (CCJ) and from deputy Sofia Cavedon on the Education Committee.

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