August ended with growth in companies in Alagoas


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Alagoas Canyons are one of the most famous attractions in the Alagoas hinterland. Companies like Candeeiros Ecotur offer experiences amidst the exuberant nature of the São Francisco River

A survey by Fecomercio indicates that, in the month of August, companies in the tourist segment of Alagoas had revenues of more than R$87 million, exceeding the national average. Compared to last year, growth is 16%

Still according to the entity, the growth of tourism companies in Alagoas This is due to the fact that Brazilians are investing more in travel, especially at the end of the year. The federation’s estimate is that national tourism should close the year 2023 with growth of around 11% compared to the year 2022.

“We always work to consolidate Alagoas as a destination of national and international reference, seeking to provide unforgettable experiences for everyone. We are proud to see Alagoas’ tourism sector prosper, and we are committed to aligning public policies to maintain this continued growth for years to come”

Bárbara Braga, Secretary of State for Tourism of Alagoas

Events and Fairs

Another survey by Fecomercio points out that the agenda of events in the Tourism sector, with fairs, congresses and workshops, was responsible for boosting the segment, which achieved significant results, with a financial increase of more than R$ 12 billion between January and August this year .

Return of activities and end of the pandemic

In Alagoas, international tourism is expanding: international connections with Europe have been expanded to three weekly frequencies, and the direct flight from Buenos Aires will begin to have two weekly frequencies in January. Furthermore, the cruise season will begin this month and is expected to bring more than 140,000 tourists from all over the world to the State.

Candeeiros Ecotur, an experience tourism company based in Olho D’Água do Casado (AL), recorded 30% growth in the month of August compared to the same period last year. According to Janaina Melo, CEO of the company, the growth is due to several factors, the most significant of which are the end of the pandemic and the return of tourism fairs.

Ecotur Lamps Disclosure

Janaina Melo, CEO of Candeeiros Ecotur, is present at tourism fairs promoting the destination Alagoas

The company offers, among other itineraries, a personalized contemplation and gastronomic experience at the top of the Alagoas canyons, or golden canyons, overlooking the São Francisco River. Janaina says that, even in 2022, tourists feared group activities and experiences involving food, due to the fear of Covid-19.

“Another important factor for our growth compared to last year was the return of tourism fairs and events. Our participation in these events is essential for promoting our business and, with this presence throughout 2023, we were able to promote the Alagoas destination and our canyons on an international basis, presenting our personalized itineraries to tourists from all over the world. The press trips promoted in conjunction with the government of Alagoas were also fundamental for the growth of business, since agents from other states and even other countries, were able to learn more about our beauties, helping to promote them in Brazil and around the world”.

Janaina Melo, CEO of Candeeiros Ecotur

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