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There was a time when we woke up excited about life. Everything was more difficult. We didn’t have cell phones, social networks and so much technology. Still, there was a singular beauty in the simplicity. Connections were deeper, conversations were more sincere, and life, although challenging, felt more authentic.

Going to mass, worship, a birthday, a party, watching a game, the wake of a friend who passed away were simple commitments that motivated us to live. These events were surrounded by intense emotions, where humanity revealed itself in its purest essence, whether in joy, faith or pain.

Time passed and we became more distant from each other. No handshakes, hugs, warm encounters, sincere looks filled with joy. Gradually, the smiles gave way to longing, conversations, silence and loneliness. Life took us on separate paths, but memories remain intact.

We are now virtual beings. We see each other through cell phone screens. Everyone is doing very well, thank you! In fact, we don’t age anymore. The filters don’t allow it. We navigate this new reality, where imperfections are erased and eternal youth is the new standard. Virtual reality invites us to be the best version of ourselves, unmarked by time until one day someone appears and unplugs the power cord.

“It has become shockingly obvious that our technology has exceeded our humanity.” (Pure Energy, the film)

. Clarification:

. By hiring the Health reserve register, the state government is replacing temporary workers;

. Therefore, there is no increase in expenses.

. There are more than 400 employees incorporated into the payroll permanently without increased cash flow;

. In other words, exchanging six for half a dozen, but improving the system and people’s lives!

. Very hot days stress increases.

. Calm down people!

. The MP could well demand that other institutions in Acre also obtain the “diamond seal for transparency”.

. It would be obvious!

. The world is simply melting like ice cream under the scorching sun.

. High temperatures and intense heat waves like never before seen in history.

. Despite the news and the catastrophic facts, people don’t seem very worried.

. They continue their lives, refreshing themselves as if everything were in the most perfect cosmic order, as the Greeks said.

. It’s reminiscent of the movie “Don’t Look Up”, when a meteor is on a collision course with the earth.

. It is a satire about the indifference of politicians in power towards the desperate, needy and dependent population wanting someone to trust.

. In the script, the president resorts to fanaticism and patriotism for self-promotion, even with the extinction of the human race on the way.

. In the midst of chaos, the most important thing is money and power.

. Good morning!

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