With testimonials of gratitude, Prematurity Week opens in Cruzeiro do Sul


The saga of Vitória Santiago Barbosa began with great challenges in the first days of her life. She came into the world at just six months pregnant and weighing 800 grams. Three days after birth, her weight dropped to 650 grams. But the drama was overcome at three months of age, when Vitória was medically discharged, weighing 2.5 kilos.

Vitória, aged 15: “Thanks to God and the work of these professionals, I am still alive and full of dreams”. Photo: Erisney Mesquita/Secom

Fifteen years later, the girl returned to the Juruá Maternity Hospital with a grateful heart. At the opening ceremony of Prematurity Week, filled with emotion and held this Monday, the 13th, the teenager reported: “When I was born, the doctor gave me two hours to live and said that, if the fight was victorious, I would be called Victory. Today I’m here to thank everyone for the care they took in my life. Thanks to God and the work of these professionals, I am still alive and full of dreams.”

Currently, the reference unit for gynecology, obstetrics and neonatal treatments in the Juruá region serves four premature babies admitted to the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (ICU) and six admitted to the Mãe Kanguru unit. The babies were born before 37 weeks of gestation, as is the case with Francisco Asafe de Lima, son of Macilene Rodrigues.

“The Maternity Hospital gave me a ‘hug’ full of life”, said Macilene Rodrigues, mother of premature babies. Photo: Erisney Mesquita/Secom

Present at the activity, the little one’s mother reported: “I arrived at the Maternity Hospital without the hope of becoming a mother. But the treatment I received renewed my strength. That’s when I ‘put my feet on the ground’ and saw that I can continue my journey confidently and with the certainty that I will turn things around. The Maternity Hospital gave me a ‘hug’ full of life.”

Tributes were paid to doctors and other employees of the unit. Photo: Erisney Mesquita/Secom

Macilene also gave birth to Dafiny Vitória, who has already been discharged. The mother described Prematurity Week as a moment of happiness and excitement. “The positive energy produced in this place is contagious. I just have to thank you for your welcome and support”, said the mother.

Prematurity Week

Prematurity Week is an event held annually during the Purple November campaign, and aims to provide society with clarification and guidance on the prematurity of babies.

The activity will end on Friday, 17th, with a walk. Photo: Erisney Mesquita/Secom

According to the Ministry of Health (MS), around 340 thousand babies are born every year in Brazil before reaching 37 weeks of gestational age. Studies point to teenage pregnancy, lack of prenatal care, pregnancy-related illnesses and misinformation as the main causes of the high rates of premature births in the country. On a global scale, prematurity is seen as one of the reasons for deaths in children under five years of age.

Iglê Montes: “Government concentrates efforts to improve SUS services for the population of Acre”. Photo: Erisney Mesquita/Secom

In Cruzeiro do Sul, the Week will offer mothers and professionals from the unit courses, lectures and workshops, ending on Friday, the 17th, with a walk, which starts in front of the Maternity Hospital. “It is another initiative from the government of Acre, which works tirelessly to guarantee better assistance to the population”, highlighted general manager Iglê Montes.

“The State invests in hiring and qualifying professionals to work in the unit”, confirms Diani Carvalho. Photo: Erisney Mesquita/Secom

The State Department of Health (Sesacre) works to reduce the rates of premature births in the state. “The Gladson Cameli government, through the efforts of the portfolio secretary, Pedro Pascoal, has invested heavily in teams, training and hiring good professionals to work in sensitive and specific sectors like this. It is a moment that promotes skin-to-skin contact between the newborn and the mother, as there are studies that prove the benefits of care for babies, such as improving their health and their outlook on life”, said Diani Carvalho, local manager from Sesacre.

“Joining efforts improves health care”, says Valéria Lima, Health Secretary of Cruzeiro do Sul. Photo: Erisney Mesquita/Secom

“I want to congratulate the team that organized the event and the State, for the partnership. When Basic Care and Medium and High Complexity Care come together, we benefit the user of the Unified Health System with love, empathy and dedication”, confirmed the Secretary of Health of Cruzeiro do Sul, Valéria Lima, when emphasizing the importance of joint efforts between the state and municipal spheres.

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