State Government signs service order for the construction of two viaducts on BR-316


The construction of two new viaducts will improve mobility in the metropolitan region of Belém. The equipment will be built by the Metropolitan Transport Management Center (NGTM) on the BR-316 highway with Alça Viária and Avenida Independência. The work order for the start of works was signed by the State Governor, Helder Barbalho, this Tuesday (14), at the Marituba Gymnasium.

Since May, the NGTM has been working to facilitate the implementation of the viaducts, with the relocation of interference in the work. The work on the two pieces of equipment will cost a total of R$33,797,389.45 and is expected to be completed in four months. The Consortium Obras Integradas will be the executor of the work.

The viaducts will be made of reinforced concrete and will cross the 60 meter long highway. They will be two-way, that is, the Independência viaduct will allow the driver coming via BR-316, towards Belém-Marituba, to access Independência and the driver coming via Independência can take the BR-316 towards the exit of the capital .

The Alça Viária viaduct will enable drivers traveling on BR-316 towards Marituba-Belém to enter Alça Viária and those leaving Alça Viária to continue to Belém in a more practical way.

170cd16904.jpg“Today is an important day for the actions we are taking to improve mobility in the metropolitan region. We are signing this work on the viaducts, which should be ready in 2025. We will not interfere in the BR so as not to create turmoil in people’s lives. There are two new viaducts, which add to the Ananin viaduct. Another important project that is already at an advanced stage and that we will start in 2024: Avenida Liberdade, which will leave on the UFPA side and will border BR, passing by the outside of Guanabara, Águas Lindas, Pato Macho, leaving on the Alça Viária, with 13 km of express avenue”, stated governor Helder Barbalho.

The chief executive spoke of the importance of the BRT Metropolitano works. “These BRT works make life a little more complicated for those who live in the metropolitan region. I live in Ananindeua and every day I face this same dilemma. The fact is that work of this nature has never been done and no alternative has been created to do so. It was necessary to do. When we started, we had information that the project was ready, but there were many problems that needed to be addressed. The deadline was delayed.

6adb354ea5.jpgThe fact is that today the project is working morning, afternoon and night, with 1,500 workers. We are buying 265 new buses with air conditioning, Wi-Fi for the population,” said the governor.


BR-316 is the main access road to the Metropolitan Region of Belém and one of the busiest stretches of BR in Brazil, with an average circulation of 80 thousand vehicles per day in both directions. The construction of the viaducts will improve access to the highway for those traveling along Independência and Alça Viária.

c54ebb3b94.jpg“Although they are not part of the BRT Metropolitano works, the new viaducts will be important for the operation of the system, they will serve to provide more safety at intersections and will allow more fluid traffic in vehicles throughout the metropolitan region”, says Eduardo Ribeiro, general director of NGTM .

During the ceremony at the Marituba gymnasium, the municipal mayor praised the work of the state that has benefited the city’s population. “We are signing this service order that will improve not only the lives of Maritubenses, but the entire population. It will put an end to this traffic and is essential for BRT. I need to praise all the work you do in the State of Pará. I congratulate Eduardo Ribeiro’s work with the NGTM, because through his willpower we will resolve the situation on the Uriboca River”, stated the mayor of Marituba, Patrícia Alencar.

20953ae956.jpg“We really like works. The State of Pará was the one that invested the most in Brazil in its revenue. We have work in every state and work like this will help in the lives of each of you, helping people get home sooner, without wasting so much time in traffic. The benefit now begins through the employment of those who will work on the project, it will generate revenue for the municipality, so it is something that everyone wins” stated Vice Governor Hanna.

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